Monday, September 5, 2011

Girl Smoking

Today we examine another cigarette glamour shot from 1902. I am amazed at how you could make something so awful look so good. 


We are loading up the truck as I write, and will be taking the lovely Ms. EAM to Dallas as she departs today for Africa. Yes, this is a little scary for me.


  1. Good morning, hope you have a pleasant trip.
    At least there is some relief from the 100 + temperatures you been having for such a long period.
    Lets hope that with the cooler temps you will be able to get some rain fall.

    I have a daughter that use to smoke, but when she became pregnant she stop smoking (thank goodness). Now she can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke, and tells people off when they smoke near her. What a turn around.

  2. My mother started smoking when she was about 21 but my father never smoked and hated it. It was always a sore point between them.

    When I was a teenager I wanted to try smoking, so mother took me outside and made me smoke an entire cigarette. Never smoked again.

    When I was about 50 years old, mother and I were reminiscing and we got to talking about this event. Mother said I was "so strong" to be able to resist the cigarette. "What?" I said. "I never liked it in the first place." She was so astonished, and said she had loved it from the very first puff. Guess I was just fortunate to have inherited those particular genes from my father.

    Great photo, tho.

  3. Good morning,
    A week or so ago, we put our son on an airplane to Toronto, where he is attending school. Although it is not far away like Africa, it sure is a change for us. Both my wife and the cat are still moping around, missing him. (me too) Scary... yes. Part of lifes journey... yes as well. All the best to your daughter, and to you and your wife.
    (we have noticed the grocery bill is less, and he has been gone a little more than a week... imagine that!)
    As far as the smoking, my father smoked, and died quite young. I'm thankful I never took it up.
    Graham in St. John's

  4. My dad started smoking while he was in the US Navy, and when he came home on leave, his dad had a fit. Not because he was smoking, but because he was smoking FAGS! (I don't know if it is still true, but in the Bristish Empire, the word fag or faggot means both "little stick" and "cigarette".) Anyway, Pop insisted that if his son was going to smoke, it would be a *man's* smoke. None of this girly-girly stuff, and set my dad up with a pipe and some cigars.

    Many, many years later, my first-born was about 18 months old, and we were sitting in a restaurant, when my dad took a good look at his cigar, announced he "wasn't supporting that man (Castro)any more", ground it out, and never smoked again.

    But I still love the aroma of pipe tobacco!

  5. Pipe tobacco has smelled very tempting to me, but when I actually smoked it, the effect was less than pleasing. Even though I have no smoked in over 20 years, the smell of tobacco burning still smells good to me unless it is very thick. Then it is terrible and I leave.

    Enjoy your trip to Dallas.

  6. I stopped smoking 18 yrs ago (I started when a package was 23 cents). I get very sad when I see a young healthy person smoking.

    I know, PJM,and your wife, that you will miss your daughter like crazy. You must be so proud. Much courage to you both.

  7. Good morning! I hope your drive to Dallas went well and that your daughter was excited to be starting a new adventure, and such a worthwhile one. I know it is difficult, however, when kids grow up and leave the nest. It won't be long until she is back and telling you stories about her experiences.

    Smoking looks glamorous, but I had a school principal who gathered the girls around her and said, "Watch what happens when you smoke." Then she lit a cigarette and blew the smoke onto a white napkin. The napkin soon had a big brown spot. She said, "That's what your lungs will look like." I never smoked!

  8. Her body looks rather strangely contorted.
    Tobacco smoke gives me horrible migraines
    I will be praying for your daughter's safety and for her to be a fit tool in the Master's hand. I will also be praying for you and your wife. It is not easy to send your precious jewel so far away, but she is in God's hands.

  9. It looks heavenly. Someday perhaps I will be able to see it for the disgusting habit that it is.

    Good luck to your beautiful daughter, and to you as well, I'm sure you will worry until she's home again. :)

  10. Been viewing your site for some time. Great stuff

    Best of luck to your daughter - may she be safe and happy

  11. I worried when my daughter went to Spain to "live among the people" for the summer. As it turned out, many of the "people" that I had been so concerned about were really good folks that helped my daughter learn more spanish in three months than she could have learned in two years of high school spanish. They also taught her by example about the customs and the honor that went into their everyday living.

    I hope young Ms. EAM can enjoy her discoveries and be safe. It is a good sign that she has three young men to travel with her.

    A long time ago, I smoked quite heavily for about four years. I began to feel the effects of it and my dear wife suggested I would be much more pleasant to be around (she is a non-smoker) if I gave it up. I was in college and it was finals week when I quit. I figured if I could survive finals I could survive anything. I was correct and I have not picked up a cigarette since(about 46 years).

    Great picture by the way. Sorry I was so late in commenting but we just got back from the A&M-SMU game in College Station. Wasn't it wonderful?

  12. Her face may look glamorous but I don't think her teeth feel the same.

  13. Undoubtedly beautiful women, however, is seen as a dental care was low at that time.

  14. Who is this person?
    I only clicked on this picture because I thought someone might have superimposed my face on this picture. but I realize its just someone that has a very large resemblance to me.
    Very eery.
    I am posting because I am curious where you found it O.O