Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thomas Nast

Today's picture is of Thomas Nast. Nast was featured yesterday in the Mystery Person Contest. He was a satirist who got his start as an artist/cartoonist for Harper's Weekly during the Civil War. He was a staunch Anti-slavery republican, and a supporter of Abraham Lincoln. He is remembered for creating the popular image of Santa Claus, the republican elephant and the democratic donkey.


  1. wow where is everyone , good morning to all have a great week .

  2. I see there is only 1 comment. Could it be because we were all waiting for a peacock picture or an old car update and we got 'ho hum'?
    But...PJM deserves a break, with school starting & the drought. Next Sunday maybe....???

  3. I suppose Thomas was sitting at the opera house, listening to a performance of the recently-composed Ride of the Valkyries while awaiting a glass of fine wine to be brought to him.

    Things were much more refined in those days, unlike 100 years later when Maxell used the technique to sell audio tape.