Monday, August 29, 2011


Bedouin Week continues with this picture of the Sheik of Palestine. The picture was taken in the late 1800's. Looks like he might be smoking a cigarette.


  1. Interesting photo, his cigarette looks so nice a round for being hand rolled. It looks like his outer garment is a hide of a sheep turned inside out.
    I have never figured out how, having that much clothing on is cooler than only a light garment. I think it is something about all the layers, but I thought layering was for cold weather.

    Very interesting photos so far this week, keep up the good work PJM.

  2. Can't get over how much these photos look like paintings. I don't know anything about desert dwellers, had to look up what Bedouin meant. Looking foward to the education this week.

  3. Hi to all. I'm back from the land of no electricity. Too bad this rain couldn't go to Texas! Power just went back on. Luckily no damage or flooding.

    Regarding the clothing... I think it's also a factor of what you are used to. When I was in Israel the temperature in Jerusalem dropped to 75F. They put the heat on in the hotel lobby and the bellhops were wearing sweaters.

    These are, I guess, hand painted photos so they look like paintings.



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