Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mystery Person

Who is the man in the picture? Ready, Set  . . . GOOOOOO!


  1. Hey, it's Joe P., the local ostrich man!

  2. Good morning, Nate, and everyone.

  3. RTD and Joe,

    We are going to call it a tie, as both your entries were listed at 9:11.

    So you saw the new little link on the site to "My Home Town".

    Yes, the person is Joseph S. Pelt, my great grandfather.

    Hope you all enjoyed the little site I put together on Christoval . . .

  4. Thank you guys.
    Wasn't very hard, I had Looked through PJM posting of "My Home Town" a few days ago and remembered the photo. I did have to bring it up again to recall his name

  5. I was a fast 9:11 and Joe was a slow 9:11, and I had his last name.
    But I see Joe did read your "My Home Town" also.

  6. RTD,

    So it was "Slow Joe" and "Rapid Roger" this morning.

  7. Heh.

    Roger is right, though.

  8. Whoa, I had not noticed the link to Cristoval before. I checked it out and am most intrigued by "Toe Nail Trail Days".
    Regarding today's picture, I can't imagine riding on a bird of any sort. Must be fun?

  9. We are but Humans and as such will find amusement and relief from the trials and travails of life when and where we can!An Ostrich though? I hesitate,having been placed on a horse when I was but 3 years old and not remembering it with the fondness others of an older age might? I was scared to death and have never ridden a horse willingly since! 55 now.Thank you.

  10. it was all too fast for this ol' lady; made my head spin. But interesting, always interesting. I keep coming back . . .


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