Monday, August 1, 2011

Military Ancestors

I hope you all are as excited as I am about this being the week where we show Family Photos which you submit. I have gotten lots of interesting pictures, and hope you all will continue so submit pictures. Also, please try and include any information you have on the photograph. The picture above was submitted by Dale Moore. The picture shows his Grandfather, John Roberts from Lawrence County, Tennessee. His grandfather is on the left in the picture. He is pictured as a WW I soldier. I wonder if this picture was taken in US or overseas.

The picture above is from "Joe in NC", a long time visitor and commenter to this blog. The picture is of his dad in the 190's. The picture was taken in Shanghai. Joe . . . does that mean your dad was "Shanghaied"?

Folks, keep your favorite old family photos coming!


  1. It's getting pretty late in the day. I figured I better post a comment. I am indeed looking forward to seeing everyones family photos.

  2. Cool pictures! I can't make out the shoulder patch on the WW1 photo. Any info available?


  3. Mr. PJM,

    Actually my dad was nearly Shanghaied. He was at sea swabbing the deck when the end of WWII was announced, and he tossed his swab overboard with joy. For that he had to work while his mates got shore leave.

  4. wow.. pretty cool blog, actually its not cool sorry I lied, it's just so amazing...

    I will try to find an old photo of my family..



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