Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dental Visit

Today's picture is from 1942, and was submitted by VM Sehy. Her dad is the assistant standing in the right of the picture. He as in the Navy Dental Corps, and assisted several different dentists during the war. I find these WW II photos interesting. Even though there are no military insignia in the photograph, the picture screams "G.I.". I wonder what about this makes it look like a government photo?

As an added bonus today, we have this photo submitted by Joe W. It shows his mom (the little girl) and his great grandparents. His mom was raised by the grandparents in the picture.


  1. Dear PJM:
    Congratulations on the first anniversary of The Day PJM Stumped the Internet.

    Actually, it was yesterday, but I blew it.

  2. Rebecca,
    And I thought I was the only one who celebrated that day . . . how did you remember?

  3. PJM:
    I put it on my iCal at the time -- then forgot to look.

    I really appreciate what you do with your blog -- and I always root for you to win on the "mystery" day. (But then, if you did, nobody would play.)

  4. PJM, thank you for posting my photo. You are correct. On the back of the photo it's stamped with Official U.S. Navy photograph. Perhaps the way the subjects are posed is what gives it away. Looks like it could be a still from a newsreel of that era. I decided to look at a couple of the other photos to see if they're stamped. One isn't unless there was something in the corner. Group photo outside a building. Then the other is stamped with the photographer's name and city. Group photo outside a bus so I presume fresh recruits.

  5. The patient is wearing a uniform. That helps the photo look military.

  6. Maybelline beat me to it. The patient is wearing a uniform, plus I doubt Dental Hygienist would have been a big career choice for men in the 40s.

  7. I've got alot of catching up to do, as I have been on vacation for a couple weeks. I had similiar conversations and chats with consumer electronic tech support as PJM did. I feel your pain brother. Service on a cruise ship to Bermuda is out of this world though. I've never been more pampered in my life. I think they mistook me for someone with money. It's almost annoying because every 2 minutes your asked if you need anything. "Yes, free buffet please, thank-you". LOL. This is a really cool week of pictures, Joe W's Great Grandparents look like such nice people. You can tell from the picture. His mom is cute as a button, pehaps a bit mischevest. She looks like Addie Pray, (Tatum O'Neal), in that movie, "Paper Moon".

  8. Lady Anne good observation. I doubt many men would have been dental hygienists. Not many today for that matter. My dad enjoyed his work which involved developing x-rays as well. My mom was disappointed that my dad didn't go to school and start a dentistry practice of his own. He chose to do body work on cars instead. He was really good at it.


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