Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cuban Men

Cuba Week continues here at OPOD. This is another picture submitted by Rafael. This one shows his grandfather and a friend playing with a skull. I am sort of hoping that Rafael will chime in and give us more details on this one.


  1. We can't see the seashore but it seems to be the Malecón, isn't it?

  2. If you look at the electricity poles, they're high up so it can't be the Malecón (though that was my first thought as well). It looks like they're on a rooftop.

  3. My dad is in the hospital and I had my laptop with me and was showing him some of your pictures to cheer him up and he took one look at this one and said, "The guy is the middle is a little thin, isn't he?" Those painkillers are strong, but I'm glad Dad's sense of humour is coming back.

  4. Hello everyone, I am Rafael, the Cuban guy who sent all those Cuban pictures, I am sorry if my pictures are not interesting for some, however I felt very proud for having some admirers of my pictures. Thanks!
    If you found some grammar mistakes I hope you to forgive them, I am still learning English (I came only 9 years ago) that is why I have not interacted as I would like, but today I felt I must be present for your questions. By the way, I've been watching last weeks submitted pictures and all of them have their story, mine don't have any, there are just old Cuban pics of my family.
    My mother asked me to let you know that my grandfather's pictures with the skull was because he worked at "El gabinete Nacional de Identificacion" this was like the forensic and fingerprinting department of the police he was studying we guess they had skull to study (and play) with...
    I have sent many more old Cuban pictures, pictures from XIX century, many pictures from 1926 hurricane, picture from Havana Carnaval for you to see how Malecón was in 1920's, I am sure that Paul will publish them (in case you are interested) I feel proud to cooperate with this wonderful site. Thanks again.

  5. Howdy Rafael,
    I found this photo very interestin'!
    First question that came to my mind regardin' the photo was "why is there a skull between them to fellers?"
    Now I understand! :))
    My brother-in law's an assistant coroner and has shared some of the things they find to "entertain" themselves at work.
    I think a job involving such horrific encounters requires a sense of humor to keep ones head on....yep, pun intended! :))
    Please keep sharin' photos and dont fret none about ya kin well read I aint particular, just peculiar

  6. Loving the pictures, Raphael!

  7. Great pictures.
    Rafael I want to say Thank-You for sharing them with us.