Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cuban Bodega

Welcome to Cuba Week here at OPOD. We had a treasure trove of photographs sent in by Rafael, and so I wanted to share them with you this week. I hope Rafael will tell us more about these pictures as the week goes on. This one shows a Cuban "Bodega". Rafael's father is on the right of the picture.

When I think of Cuba, I think of fine cigars. They really are the best cigars, and I wish that you could purchase them here (legally).


I had mentioned several weeks ago that my daughter, the lovely Miss EAM, will be departing on September 5 to serve as an RN for the Mattaw Children's Village in Africa. Unfortunately, orphans have no money to pay for a nurse, so I brought the need to you all. I am pleased to announce that you all responded with overwhelming generosity. Between visitors to this blog, and some local churches she visited, she has raised the funds needed for her airfare over, 6 months of living expenses, and her airfare home. In addition, she has raised money that can serve as a start to buying equipment to put together a small clinic for the village.

We greatly appreciate your support for her work. I have one additional request. The area she is going to is a very unstable part of the world. There is great turmoil in the neighboring countries, and that type of trouble can quickly spill across borders. I would appreciate your prayers for her for safety while doing this work, and that her work might be successful.


Several years ago, I described a young man to you, Dustin, who was a very troubled young man who was making an incredible turnaround in his life his senior year of high school. Many of you were a huge encouragement to Dustin, and we got together and provided some funding to him to help (You can read Dustin's story here). We have not talked about Dustin in a while, so wanted to give you an update. He did in fact go on to college, and he successfully completed his certification as a Wind Turbine Technologist. He graduated at the top of his class. To be honest with you, I have been very concerned about Dustin. When it became known that there were lucrative jobs in the Wind Industry, there was a huge rush of people into technical schools to get certifications to work on wind turbines. So, there were LOTS of people going into that field. Then, with the financial crisis of 2008, many of the big wind farms that were planned were cancelled because they could not get financing. So you had the perfect storm of oversupply and people looking for jobs, and a collapse in Wind Farm projects. Bottom line . . . virtually no jobs in the Wind Industry now.

I am pleased to announce, however, that Dustin was able to get a job in the industry, and was just hired to be a Wind Technologist near Big Springs, Texas. What a wonderful ending to this story you helped make happen.


  1. That picture of Dustin is incredible. Those 'windmills' are huge & he standing on top of one! Where was the photographer standing???

  2. Judi,
    Photographer was on the same turbine probably 10 feet away. The top part is much larger than it looks from the ground.

  3. Good timing on the Dustin update. I was just considering asking you about him. We will all be praying God's protective hand over your daughter while she is in Africa.

  4. Dear PJM-

    Thank you for bringing these opportunities to us to be involved in the lives of promising young people! God bless you and your family!

  5. Prayers being sent for your daughters safety; the success of her mission; 0more rain for our area of TX. Could you also convey to Dustin or heartiest congrats on his success?

  6. What good news about Dustin! It turned out just as we had hoped it would. Sharp as he is I will look forward to him moving on up in the organization because he has seen that modest initial circumstances should not be a barrier to success or an excuse for failure.

    We will broaden our prayers for EM to include safety from local fighting or unrest. God helped bring her to this decision and he will watch over her until she returns home.

  7. Both domestic updates today are great news!

    Mr. PJM, you must have a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure about both updates (and some trepidation about the first).

    About the trepidation I must say, having grown up in Africa and traveled quite a bit since, the view is usually worse from the outside.

  8. Wow. Super uplifting post today.

  9. Instead of aiding people in third-world countries who will grow up to be anti-american, people should be helping their fellow Americans here at home.


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