Thursday, August 11, 2011

Civil War Veterans

Today's picture was submitted by Duene, and she provided the following information:

This is a picture of my great uncle Henry Albert Dixon - Henry is on the left. Henry was a soldier in the 73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.

After the war, Henry Dixon served as a Justice of the Peace for 20 years and attended many patriotic gatherings. He was called on to speak at political rallies and was an ardent Republican. When in his 90's, Henry Dixon returned to the Battlefield at Bull Run nearly 75 years after he had fought there. Later that year, he and W.B Southerton, a fellow Civil War veteran, unveiled a monument dedicated to Civil War veterans in Athens, Ohio.

He made it a point to celebrate "Decoration Day" every chance he could get. Apparently, he was very popular. This was especially true because he was one of the oldest civil war veterans in the Athens-Meigs county area.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Duene.

  2. what does the marker say? too blurry to read.

  3. wonderful!

    I do want to say thank you to all who shared their photos, such a great view of history and great stories behind the people!

    I'm still looking for some of ours to send in...

  4. When I was a kid (~1967) our family stayed at a hotel that was hosting two military reunions (Darby's Rangers and US Marines). My Dad (WW2 combat vet Pacific ) commented about the WW1 Devil Dogs... "I must be getting old. The WW1 vets now look as old as the Civil War vets did when I was a kid". Tempus fugit.


  5. I wonder how old those men were when they fought in the Civil War if it was 75 years later? They must have been teenagers. How astounding it must have been for them to have fought in a huge war with many casualties from guns and cannons, then a (relatively) few short years later you have air raids and fighter planes.

  6. Looks like "In Memory to our Fathers the Boys in Blue who rest in this cemetary. It was dedicated in 1939; can't make out the rest.

  7. Actually, I, Doug Rebertus, submitted This Photo. And the monument says:
    In Memory Of
    Our Fathers The Boys In Blue
    Who Rest In This Cemetery
    Dedicated By
    And The Daughters Of The
    Veterans Of The Civil War
    1861 - 1865

  8. Doug,
    Sorry about the mis-credit on the photo . . . I read from the wrong line in my emails . . . Duene's submission is tomorrow's picture.

  9. According to one source, we lost more soldiers (American and Confederate combined) in the American Civil War than we lost in all of the other wars we've fought before or since.


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