Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Castleford Grade

Favorite Family Photo Week continues here at OPOD with this picture submitted by Tim. It is a picture of his grandfather. The picture was taken in 1928. Pictured is John Snoderly, who grew up on a homestead in Buck Flat, Idaho. The homestead was near the small town of Grassy Hill (which is north of Three Creek, Idaho).  This area was a Homestead Act project in the middle of the Idaho desert, where farmers dry farmed the land.  In the 20's there was a rangefire that decimated the town, which was never rebuilt. I find these pictures interesting from the 1920's . . . such big smiles, nice clothes and optimism. What a big change occurred in such a few number of years.

Also today we have the photo above submitted by Robert Waters. He is the little guy in the picture, shown with his sisters and mother.


  1. John Snoderly and Bob Waters are perfect names for fictional characters.

  2. OK, I'll bite. What's a "Castleford Grade"?

  3. Oh, the grip Robert's mom has on him! Reminds me of my husband - his mother used to put a harness on him & tie it to the clothesline. He was a live-wire.

  4. Never work with animals or children. I love how all the kids are looking away from the camera. You can virtually hear the person taking the photo calling their names and asking them to look this way.
    The First photo is a beaut. Such a great pose and such a dapper gentleman.

  5. According to my older sisters and my Mom, we were not posing for a family portrait that day. Lightning had hit a nearby tree just moments before.


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