Friday, August 12, 2011

Brother Baseball

We wrap up Old Family Photo week here at OPOD today with these pictures. The picture above was submitted by Duene R. This is the information she sent along with the Photo:

"This photo was taken in Chicago in 1929.  This is the Marlatt Brothers baseball team, from Hawk Springs, Wyoming.  They were in Chicago to play in the championship game for brothers baseball.  The uniforms they are wearing were from the Chicago White Sox.

All of the men on the team were brothers, except two, who were nephews.  My grandfather is standing, far left, and my father is standing far right. 

There were also seven sisters in the family, who stayed at home in Wyoming."


In addition, I wanted to share this photo, which was submitted by Sandy B.

Sandy indiacated:

"This photo of my husband’s relatives was taken in Oracle, Arizona in 1907 as they traveled out west from Dayton, Ohio. They are the Landis family who owned a tobacco company which was destroyed in the Great Dayton flood of 1913.

They traveled out west In part to see if the western air would help Herman who suffered with TB. We were told they traveled by “auto.” But, now wonder how that could be possible in an automobile such as this (although the gateway to the west, old National route 40, is on the outskirts of Dayton.) The man driving the auto is a “chaperone” as written on the back of the photo.

Another interesting tidbit: the Landis’s were neighbors of Orville and Wilber Wright."


  1. Thank you, (again) Duene, for the Baseball Team of Brothers. I did wonder if yesterday's picture was yours and see that it wasn't.
    Thank you, Sandy. I can't imagine that all those people could even fit in that car.
    Thanks, PJM. I think "Send-in-Your-Photo" weeks are my favorite.

  2. Duene R. What is "brothers baseball?"

  3. Love the baseball picture and the auto filled with Ohio people. Bet the story of that trip is a good one. How long did it take? Where did they stay at night? I would guess your family has lots of stories to tell at reunions. I do love baseball, baseball pictures, and baseball movies. Thsnks for a great week!! I am getting my photos ready for the next one you have. lam

  4. Brothers baseball is simply a baseball team composed of brothers.

  5. Very interesting pictures with the special baseball teams...

  6. The baseball picture rang a bell and when I read the caption I could see why.

    I am sure this picture hung in the office of one Jerry Marlatt in Kearney Nebraska in the mid 1980s.

    Weird that I would ever see such an obscure photo again.

  7. Great photo of the baseball team. I was in Hawk Springs this morning taking photographs of the old town--it's an interesting place.

  8. Jerry Marlatt is related to this team. Jerry's father was Clifford who was a nephew of Henry who was the father of this "baseball team". The uniforms were donated by Comiskey of the White Sox. An article that I have says that this was the first time they owned any uniform that matched.


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