Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brooklyn Tavern

Today's picture was submitted by Caitlin Brown. The photograph shows her grandfather, Pat Costello in the center. They are standing in front of the 6th Avenue Tavern in Brooklyn, New York. I don't know the date of the photograph.

Also today we feature this photograph submitted by Chelsea Meyers. The picture shows her grandfather, and his mother. The picture was taken in the 1930's in New Jersey.


  1. You can't really see what she is wearing, but this picture looks so modern. I am really enjoying this week so far!

  2. Forgive my ignorance, but was that Costello from Brooklyn related with the notorious Frank?

  3. These photos are great. Glad your readers shared.

  4. Great Week. I love all the photos and I am so glad you all shared them. I think the tavern photo is a first for this site. I was born in Brooklyn and it is fun to see old photos from there. Moved to Il when I was a small child. Good good week. lam

  5. Good Q, Anon - No. He's Italian, and my family is Irish.

    But, I actually grew up in the house Frank Costello lived in when he "retired."

    The house is #15 in this Daily News slideshow, if you're interested:

    It still looks very much the same, but we put the driveway in around the front (where the fountain is in the photo). He had the driveway going around the back of the house for "illegal business."

  6. Also, this picture is prob from between 1918 and 1925 sometime. He emmigrated here in 1918 from Mayo and this picture is from before he was married in 1925.

    Thanks for posting my picture, PJM!

    Mary, the Jersey picture does look very modern. The child's face is adorable!

  7. Looking at pictures such as these reminds me why I enjoy watching the HBO series Boardwalk Empire so much! I have always enjoyed older pictures and when I was in Wurzburg Germany driving truck with the 3rd Infantry(1975) I made it a point to explore all the older castles and historical sites that I could in my spare time! Because their is an atmosphere to the walls and grooves in the ground worn by countless thousands of people before me? The fort in St Augustine Florida captivated me for the entire day! Thank you.