Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pauline Chase

Today's actress is Pauline Chase. She became famous by her portrayal of one of the lost boys in Peter Pan. She retired from acting in 1916 to marry a banker.

OK, several of you have turned in old family photos. I hope more of you will, so we will have material for a week's worth of work. Remember candid shots are better than studio portraits. I will kick things off on Sunday with an old family photo I have not shared before, so I am really looking forward to the week.


  1. I would like to help you out, but between a fire, a flood and my Mothers house exploding, I lost all old photos that were in my family.

  2. What a hat she is wearing! I love to see all the different hat styles women are willing to wear. The recent royal wedding in England was particularly interesting, but this one just looks uncomfortable.

  3. What a pretty actress. I have been enjoying actress week, although these women are before my time. I would bet that my old man would remember some of them though.
    They just don't make movies or have actresses/actors like they used to.
    In my day we had great actors like Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Cagney and the great Duke Wayne.
    And we had great actresses like Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and my personal favorite Lana Turner.
    Well let me bring you in on a little secret, there ain't an actor or actress in Hollywood today who has enough class in one finger that any of them had!! And talent too!!!
    Today's movies are dumb and stupid.
    Whatever happened to great movies like "It Happened One Night", "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" or "The Red Pony". That was film!! Not like the garbage in theaters today.
    Besides, what's the point of going to a movie house now???? WHat with young kids gawking to each other on their danged cell phones ruining the show for the rest of us (not like there was much up there on the screen anyway---in more ways than one, if you know what I mean).
    And it costs too much anyway. I once took the missus out to see Gran TOrino (NOW THERE "IS" A GREAT MOVIE!!) and it cost so much I nearly had a heart attack!!! But then again, I'll give that a pass since it's the great Clint Eastwood.
    SOrry I can't provide you with any photos from my childhood; what with Pops working in the mines and Mom preoccupied with all of us, we never had the money or the time to take pictures.
    Keep posting, young man and I'll keep lookin' at 'em.

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  5. Mean Old Man - Gran Turino is an awesome movie. Walt Kowalski reminds me of my dad. Great social commentary, too.

    I hear you about the cell phones. Hanging out in a perfectly dark theater then suddenly blinded by the laser sharp point of light because someone got bored and flipped open their phone. One of my husband's main pet peeves. If you're that bored, you can go home.


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