Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mystery Person Contest- Early Bird Edition

I have to run to Midland morning, so will have to start the contest early.


  1. That is Geneeral David Twiggs

  2. WEll, Roger (RTD), it looks like the early bird gets the worm. You are correct, David Twiggs.


  3. The morning paper is late, so I turned on my computer and started to browse around. You are always about the 5th site I hit. I was surprised that you had already posted, but had no problem recognizing the shifty character who gave away Texas to the Confederates.

  4. Looks like I wasn't the only early bird today.
    So how is farm life in Virginia?

  5. Good job, Roger, aka RTD! You beat Nate. I've been wondering where you've been lately. Haven't seen many comments.

  6. Well, I had promised not to guess for 1 hour after the posting, but the ENM was running away with it.
    So I decided to let you know I was still alive.
    I did post a comment yesterday, but cameras really aren't my thing.

    I'm looking forward to see what PJM has done on his "NEW" cars.

  7. What kind of diabolical trickery is this? An early edition?

    Good work, RTD!


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