Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mountain Goat

Today's picture was taken in 1907, and it shows a hunter near a Mountain Goat that he has shot. The goat looks pretty big, and I wonder how the guy will pack the goat out. Hopefully he has some friends nearby.


  1. Well, we know there was at least one other person there, the person that took the photo.

  2. I'm pleased as punch to be enjoying hunting week!!
    Although I do not hunt anymore, my fondest memories are of the smell of hot coffee in a thermos while treading the cold wind woods for a deer, turkey or a bear.
    I'm tired of the namby pamby tree huggers who are against hunting! Hey, if someone wants to spend their lifetime not indulging in the joy of eating beef that's their business, but don't tread on mine!!
    We have an overpopulation of deer in my neck of the country and the flower wearing hippies dont seem to understand that without population control the deer would starve to death.
    Hunting, along with gardening is one heckuva way to save money, too!!
    I only wish that my health would allow me to continue to participate but my missus makes it clear that she doesn't want me out in the woods with my trusty Remington by myself and she's the boss!
    Keep posting the pictures young man, and I'll keep lookin' at 'em.

  3. all the work begins, after you pull the trigger,,as my dad used to say,,

  4. Your pappy was right, oldbear, but it's sure yummy!

  5. Most people now days are not hunters. They bait the deer all year and go bang. The land owners charge plenty to hunt on their so called land but when the deer cross the road and tear up your auto you pay. They are becoming a pest. Bring back the wolves and cats.

  6. The guy has a look on his face that says, "Darn, didn't look that big from where I was shooting!"


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