Friday, July 29, 2011

Maude Adams

OK, we had some great fun yesterday at the expense of the Samsung Technical Support desk, but today we are back to Actress Week. Oh, and RTD, I was not lying to the person, I do have a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, and I did work on developing Nuclear Weapons for 20 years, so that was not a fib. So, the picture above is of Maude Adams. She was a famous actress of Stage and Screen in the early 1900's, and she came to fame in her portrayal of Peter Pan.

And remember, keep submitting your favorite old family photos. We are going to try and feature YOUR pictures next week.


  1. I don't think your followers are done with Tech. help yet.
    I gather that you were NOT actually talking with a person, but chatting ON-LINE with someone or something.

    Well PJM, you never cease to amaze me.
    Congratulations on your prior accomplishments, good job. Now if you could only figure out that pesky camcorder.

    I noticed that one first ADCHOICE is "Ask a Samsung Technician". HMMM, very interesting.

  2. Love the actress. But, wanted to say something about the Technical problem. Yesterday, my husband spend ALL day talking with one trying to fix his e-mail. Talked with four people (one whom spoke a foreign language) then was on line with two people. Finally talked with our grandson and he fixed it in 30 minutes!

  3. Regarding the Samsung Tech help, I had the same type of conversation with a customer service rep that did not speak the language (in the end it was about 4 reps actually) to schedule a delivery of my Sears refrigerator. No one could understand that I am not home in the morning, but could take delivery after 12 noon. They just kept repeating "I'm apologize for the difficulty" and then scheduled another delivery for the morning. I finally got my new frig Tues at 12:30 PM!!! Go figure!

  4. Why does it seem to only concern me when Super Villains officially go nuclear?

  5. There you go ENM. And you were worried about the grave in his front yard


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