Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Indian Hunter

Today's picture is from 1890, and it shows an Indian that has just killed a rabbit. The picture was taken on the Isleta Pueblo in New Mexico. If I remember right, the Isleta Pueblo is now the site of a big Casino.


  1. I have a brother that loved to hunt and fish, but like OLD BEAR said, then the work begins.
    He was a good shot a fair fisherman, but so was I.
    After a day of fishing, he would giving his fish, until I had filleted them out then he would hint that he could use a few fillets.
    When we went hunting, he wouldn't make a move to gut and clean his kill, but he would help me load it into the pick-up. I generally had to skin every thing and cut it up, but he was right there to pick up his share of the meat.
    We quit hunting and fish together awhile ago, and he has since moved out of the State.

  2. My Daddy loved to hunt. One winter back in the 50's, we had a lot of snow and ice. He couldn't go to work, so he took his gun and old Butch (our dog) and went rabbit hunting. He came back with a burlap sack full of rabbits. He gave some to the neighbors. We had rabbit stew, rabbit chili, rabbit & dumplings for several days.

  3. Just about every pueblo here in New Mexico that has a road to it has a casino these days. Isleta's managing contract was recently taken over by Hard Rock so it's one of the bigger ones. You can't turn around here without hitting another casino - a major drain to the economy in my opinion...

  4. Looks to me like this Indian is a fairly young guy armed with a double barrelled hammerlock shotgun. I had one of those as a kid, but his looks a bit fancier than mine. Wonder what those marks are on the stock; did he add his mark? Maybe a totem of some kind?

  5. thats funny RTD, i had a friend that was the same way,,
    as i look back at the many times
    spent hunting, its amazing to me
    how many thoughts go thru yer mind
    as yer finger finds the trigger
    in a matter of just mere seconds,
    you take into account alot of things, the terrain,,what time it is, how much daylite you have left,
    is the saftey off, do you have clean underwear on, in case you get in a wreck, racing back to show off yer trophy,,you invision the shot, the animals reaction, is this a good choice,,you re mind just races till you pull the trigger, then
    wooooosh,,,,its all over, and you
    feel drained, both body and mind
    and then the big smile comes,,i have never hunted for the thrill,
    always to feed me an my family
    and have never shot anything i wasnt going to eat,but i enjoyed just getting out most of all, wether i shot anything or not.