Monday, July 25, 2011


I know very little about this photograph, except that it was from the early 1900's and the actresses name was "Hatto". I was unable to run anything down beyond that.


  1. Not much to go on, but she looks a lot like Jane Hatto, an opera singer 1879 - 1958

    It is hard to come up wiht comments when you and your followers don't know aything about thge photo.

  2. RTD pretty much nailed it (again). Her stage name was Jeanne Hatto, and a short bio I found reads:

    1879 Birth of Jeanne Hatto Soprano Born 30 Jan 1879 St Amour France Died Mar 1958 Debut as Brunehild in Sigurd (Reyer) Sang in premiere of Barbares (Saint-Saens) Astarte(Leroux) Roi Arthus (Chausson) La Voila du Bonheur (Pons)

  3. Other photos at and

    Jeanne Hatto was the stage name of Marguerite Jeanne Frere.

  4. I'm liking how you're not picking the most famous of the famous - making us work for it. ;)

  5. Good job, Roger.

    Astropuff pretty much said it.

    Ms Hatto's garb is odd, what with the keys and _mini-bagpipes?_ hanging there.