Wednesday, July 20, 2011

George Melville

George Melville was an early Arctic Explorer. In 1873 the Polaris Expedition became stranded in Baffin Bay in the Arctic. Melville volunteered for the rescue operation, serving as Chief Engineer on the rescue ship Tigress. 

In 1879 he also volunteered for for George DeLong's Arctic Expedition seeking to find direct path to the North Pole. This expedition became ice bound, and the exploration party had to abandon ship for three small lifeboats. Melville commanded one of the life boats, and his boat was the only one to make it back to land safely. He then set back out in search of the other boats. He found one group dead from exposure, and the third group was never found.

I find it amazing what tame lives most of us live these days, by historical standards. Pretty boring, if you ask me.


  1. I agree. The big exploration you hear about today is exploring the new mall. I think with the closing down of the space program here on America, we have taken another step toward medocrity and have almost extenguished the deiving force in each of us to "look on the other side of the fence".

    What a shame.

  2. oops...that is driving force

  3. Boring, maybe. But we can visit places at the click of a mouse, that 99% of the world's population have never been to or would not be able to go to.

  4. Indeed, but think of it this way - all of it has been explored nowadays. Of course, it might be new for us, but not for the globe as a whole. And there are still expeditions going on all the time! Have a nice day!

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