Sunday, July 24, 2011

Celia Claud

Welcome to Early Actress Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at pictures of the Rich and Famous from the early 1900's. We kick things off with this picture of Celia Claud. In looking into this picture, I was not able to find much informaion on Celia. Has anyone heard of her.


Much of our effort last week was helping the Lovely Miss EAM get prepared to move to Africa. With the generosity of people last week, she raised enough support to purchase her airplane ticket OUT there. Between the help from visitors at this site, and help from a church she visited, she raised about half of what she needs for the work. Many thanks to all the support and kind words from folks that visit OPOD.

The weather in Texas continues to be brutally hot. Every day since about March, the temperature has been well over 100 degrees. This is not the worst heat wave and drought on record. I am hoping that this is just a drought, and not a change in weather pattern.


  1. Yesterday in lovely North Dakota we had a high of 67 degrees and 1.22 inches of rain.

    I'll bet you don't have any problems with mosquitos down there in Texas right now.

    Come on folks, just a small donation for the lovely Miss EAM.
    It is easy to do just go to her siteat and follow the instructions.

  2. Indeed, who is Celia Claud?Try as I might, I can only come up with the OPOD photo. An interesting web site I came acress - purports yo have 18,000 images of 1,400 slient film stars (ladies & gents). It's in alphabetical order, and I perused the entire site. Not only no "Celia Claud", but no "Celia" of "Claud". Either she used a stage name, or perhaps this is just a photo in the style of the era. If anyone else uncovers anything about her, I'd love to know. Otherwise check out the site. It's fascinating.