Friday, July 8, 2011

Antelope Hunter

Good Friday morning to you all. I hope your day is off to a good start, and you have some fun things to look forward to this weekend. Today's picture is from 1890, and it shows an antelope hunter. You can see he was successful, as he is packing the antelope out on his horse.

One of the striking things I notice about the old pictures we enjoy every day is how trim people are. Have you  looked around lately and noticed that most of us are overweight. What is really sad is the number of really overweight kids there are. What hope does a young teenager have that is already pushing 200 pounds?


  1. Young man, you really hit the nail on the head about obese kids!!!
    All kids today want to do is sit and watch tv or play dumb computer games.
    In my day it was different; you got your butt out of bed at sunrise, ate what was put in front of you (not these fancy made for kids breakfasts they put out today), said goodbye to Mom and went out the door until lunchtime.
    And we weren't afraid of a little rough-housing or getting some scrapes or cuts either. Every day was a new adventure.
    Sometimes we would find an old cave and explore it. I remember one day my pals Skeets and Gummo and me made a makeshift raft. We wanted to reach an island that was located in the middle of the Susquehanna river. We got on the raft and a quarter ways out we sunk. We were soaked and scaped but it was great!!! Because unlike todays kids we didn't act like a bunch of overprotected panty wastes!!!
    And don't even let me get started about cap guns. There wasn't a kid on my block who didn't own one and we would usually play cowboys and Indians or sometimes gangsters. Tell that to some kid today. Fact is if you gave a kid a cap gun now you would find yourself in federal prison for 20 years. Thanks PC crowd!!!
    Anyway, I gotta run some errands for the missus so Young Man, you keep posting these great photos and I'll keep lookin' at 'em. Have a great day everyone!!

  2. Not fair to say "All kids today"....I live in Wyoming and we have an abundance of hard working young people. My son is 23 years old and has his own landscaping business for the last five years. He employs a crew of five guys from the ages of 17 to 20. Generally they work a ten to fourteen hour day and enjoy it! We have ranch kids and rig hands that also work over 40 hours a week. That said, they also play hard. Boating at the lake, hiking, camping, fishing. So lets not say ALL young people today!! We have good kids all over the USA and they should be recognized too!

  3. It's not just the kids today. I think we have such easy access to food today we are unwilling to ever let our bodies experience hunger. Most people had to work to get food in the past. Today I just have to hop in the car and drive to the market. Unfortunately I live in a suburban development where I can't walk to get anywhere. I have to use my car. I wonder if people that live in urban centers don't actually have a healthier lifestyle because they can walk to work or the market.
    I think I'll get some exercise this weekend!

  4. Portion size and lack of exercise. Namely: walking. As a fan of old pictures I'm sure you've noticed that even in the early days of the automobile, there's tons more people walking where they need to go compared with those riding/driving.

    The convenience of hoping in a car and going vs. the hassle of hitching a horse is what's done us in. We went from it usually being easier just to walk (if you didn't have to haul much stuff) than mess with the buggy and horse - to it almost always being easier and more comfortable to drive where we are going.

  5. Well, what I saw of Nat Mass's scout troop, they all looked fairly fit.
    And I'll bet they could build a raft that wouldn't fall apart

  6. Yup. I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the government, who has been championing their "food pyramid" and now the "myplate". All high in grains, which are the worse dietary mistake in the last 10,000 years. And then there's their demonizing of saturated fats, which are actually good for you. Then they tell us to eat vegetable oils, which are REALLY bad.
    Eat real food. Vegetables. Fish. beef from grassfed cows. Real butter and whole milk. No margarine! I did this 5 years ago and lost 30 lbs and cured my blood sugar problem. For a good synopsis go to marksdailyapple .com and then click on "getting started".
    Another good reference is Tom Naughtons website

  7. Dave,
    I agree with your diet suggestions.

    My dad ate lots of fat. In fact, whenever we had stake, he would ask people who had trimmed the fat, "are you going to eat that". If not, he would eat it. So he would eat his saturated fat, and everyone else's. However, he ate no junk food. He ate meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. No processed foods and no junk food. He passed away at a robust 90 years of age. Oh yes, he smoke a cigar every day of his life, since he was 5.

  8. Back then, fat was the exception, not the rule, like today.

  9. I believe I've seen this photograph before, and that it was taken in Wyoming. Lots of antelope here, of course, but they do live elsewhere as well. Still, I believe Wyoming is the location.


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