Monday, July 18, 2011

Admiral Peary

Explorer week would not be complete without a picture of Admiral Robert Peary, shown here in 1907, prior to his expedition to the North Pole. Admiral Peary has often been credited as being the leader of the first expedition to the North Pole. Frederick Cook claimed to have reached the North Pole in the prior year, but most people believe that he did not make it all the way there. Similarly, many claim that Peary did not actually make it to the North Pole, and that he never provided sufficient data to show he actually got there. So, the matter of who the first man to the North Pole was remains a controversy.


I wanted to thank you all for your generosity in supporting the Lovely Miss EAM's work in Africa. Of the $5,000 she needed for the effort she raised $2,000 yesterday. She received generous contributions from visitors to the blog, and she visited a church, and they provided generously as well. We are hopeful that in the next few weeks the remaining resources will come through, so she can begin to focus more on preparing for the trip. I will keep you posted as things progress.


  1. To help clear up some of the controversy, I can safely say I wasn't the first one there.

    It would be a hard thing to prove, being the North Pole is water (or ice) and not land where you could plant a flag like the South Pole.
    And the difference between the actual North Pole and the magnetic North is a big difference.

  2. Do you have a picture of Matthew Henson, the black Baltimorean who accompanied Perry to the pole? Perry was concerned that Henson, being "African" would not be able to withstand the extreme cold, but obviously, he did quite well. In fact, it was a great joke among the exlorers (including Henson)that his skin was the same color as the Inuit.

  3. Can you possibly imagine what these intrepid souls could have done if they had HALF of the shtuff we have? It is unthinkable and shocking to realize what they did with what they had!Tough guys,don't make em like that anymore. Ceptin in rare cases! Thank you.

  4. I LOVE old pictures! Thanks for sharing - this one is fantastic.