Monday, June 13, 2011

Slave Girl

Today's picture is from 1863. The child's name is Rebecca Huger, and she was a slave in New Orleans. I found John's comments interesting yesterday, as he was wondering how anyone could have even maintained a self-consistent rationalization for some of the darker aspects associated with slavery. This is the information I have on Rebecca.

REBECCA HUGER is eleven years old, and was a slave in her father's house, the special attendant of a girl a little older than herself. To all appearance she is perfectly white. Her complexion, hair, and features show not the slightest trace of negro blood. In the few months during which she has been at school she has learned to read well, and writes as neatly as most children of her age. Her mother and grandmother live in New Orleans, where they support themselves coumfortshly by their own labor. The grandmother, an intelligent mulatto, told Mr. Bacon that she had "raised" a large fanmily of children, but these are all that are left to her.


  1. Read the novel "Mandingo" by Kyle Onstott. it is about slavery on the old south and the horrible relations between master and slave.

  2. PJM thanks for keeping history alive and inspiring us to higher levels as we see history unfold.

    I found your site for selfish reasons while I was looking for a shipwreck photo for a presentation.

    Now I am a loyal fan (who owns his own tractor, of course)

  3. This week's posts of slave children is very fascinating to me. This is the story of my own ancestry. My maternal Grandfather served in the negro armed forces during the Korean War. It amazes me how a few short years can change everything and nothing at the same time. Thanks for highlighting these children!

  4. Very informative and sad. I had no idea there were 'white' slave children. Elsie, "Mandingo" sure told a horrible story.

  5. An excellent book on racial identity in New Orleans is "The Two Lives of Sally Miller: A Case of Mistaken Racial Identity in Antebellum New Orleans"

    Excellent website and enjoy your photos.