Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Winter Camp

Good Wednesday Morning to you all. I hope you are enjoying some nice springtime weather, and the longer days.

This morning we feature a picture of Indians in Winter Camp. The picture was taken in 1908, and shows some Apsaroke Indians.


  1. Spring has never arrived in Michigan !

  2. looks cold for that little tp i guess they could find more than one way to keep warm.

  3. Don't get me wrong.
    I was just kidding in my comments yesterday.
    I understand that PJM does a GREAT job on his site. If he didn't, he wouldn't have over 2100 registered followers.
    His site is one of the first one I look at every morning. I try to post a comment every day. Without people commenting, how is PJM going to know if his loyal fans still love him.
    I know my step daughter was going to quit her Blog because she didn't receive any comments and she thought nobody was reading it.
    So, people, please make comments. That way PJM will know his site is being read, and people find his very hard work interesting and worth reading.

    I realize that sometimes the subject is not something you can comment on, but at least click on the Thumbs up or Thumbs down box at the bottom.

  4. Now, on today photo. notice that the tepee is in the trees. the trees block the wind and the is good wood around for their fires.

  5. With the end of the buffalo I've often wondered what materials were used for cover. The only large animals left were horses, moose and elk but I see no seams. There does seem to be fur on the inside as much as can be seen in the door way. Maybe canvas was available to these people at that time.

  6. I would be so helpless if I had to live without conveniences. I so admire their skills and insincts.

  7. I don't know if it was done by the Indians but fur hides could be used to line the inside if the teepee. Wolf, bear & coyote were available.

    More saddles with stirrups in today's picture.


  8. That is such a cool picture! I'll bet these Indians didn't feel any effects of the cold at all due to their survival skills. Snow makes a great insulator. Me and friends use to winter camp alot, we would pack the snow around the outside of the tent and stay warm. Keep the fire going all day. There is such a peacefulness camping in the snow out in the woods.

  9. spring was here in indiana for about an hour this mornin,
    allowing me to put 4 worms on ,
    and catchin 5 - bigger then my
    hand bluegill, which were thrown
    not a bad start,,,,!

  10. What a hauntingly chilling photo....I am not familiar with Apsaroke? Today we finally had another gorgeous spring day here in MN. All the past week was greyish and cold, chilly.

  11. As one of my favorite British comedians remarked, "Nice weather yesterday. Spring, wasn't it? I missed it last year; I was in the bathroom."

    We go from Please turn on the A/C to Please get another blanket almost on an hourly basis.

    That said, I have read that tepees are very comfortable. Some ofthem are double walled, and the ground cloth is brought up around the inside. With a fire in the middle and extra body warmth, they can get pretty warm. You never see snow on the outside of them, y'know.

  12. I have never heard of the Apsaroke tribe . . . and I thought I had heard all the names even if I couldn't always pronounce them. So, back to the drawing board, I think. Square 1. I will be getting "in shape" for the next photo! : ) Brushing up . . .

  13. This is one I have never seen. Thanks for keepin' on.

  14. Love the pics of the Native Americans! They are truly an amazing people.
    You're doing a great job PJM!! Keep on keepin on! And thanks for everything you do for our enjoyment...and education! Apsaroke? I've never heard of that tribe either.

  15. Brrrr! Rathe them than me, and he man on the left looks like he's not wrapped up warmly enough! My own climate (in the UK) isn't brilliant in the winter, but at least it doesn't get as hostile as these people would have had (and still have) to put up with.

    They'd have been well-adapted, but I'm sure they'd have felt the cold just like everyone else.

  16. I saw this photo while looking at someone's tumblr site - such a good one. I have one of a Woodland Cree summer camp in Saskatchewan taken in the early 1900s. Would you be interested in seeing it?


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