Friday, May 6, 2011


This is another Edward Curtis photograph from the early 1900's. It shows a Native American placing a feather into a stream.


  1. I wonder what it meant to place a feather into a stream.
    I noticed that this native American did not have on any headdress of any kind.

    Another great photo.

  2. it is amazing how some early photographs are much clearer than some of todays better cameras. graet picture by the way . ( sorry about the crackpipe joke yesterday, it seemed funny at the time).

  3. Two things to remember about older cameras:

    1. Much larger negative size (4x5" or 8x10") made for much more detail captured.

    2. 'Wet plate' emulsions (although this one probably wasn't) had ZERO grain, unlike later film which did and digital which has pixels,

  4. An absolutely beautiful photograph.

    I love PJM's collection of 18th and 19th century photos of Native Americans. These photos truly capture their beauty, dignity, and grace.

  5. What an amazing and beautiful photo. I hope some one out there knows if there is meaning to what he is doing. I am with smart girl--beauty dignity and grace. Thank your for a lovely week of photos. Looking forward to next week. lam

  6. From what I know of Native Americans (and I do know a bit as I've some friends from various of their Nations going back several years) feathers are regarded as holy. So the man was probably either offering the feather to his Creator, or he was picking it out of the water as a good omen.

    Ditto, by the way, feathers that they wear: it's their equivalent of a priest's robes.