Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tent Revival

Good Wednesday Morning to you all. Hope you all are having a good week. Today's picture shows one of the old time tent revival meetings on the South Concho River in Christoval. The picture looks to be from the 1920's. The tents are not the revival tent, but are the tents people camped in while attending the week long revival meeting.

Looking at all these old revival pictures makes me nostalgic, and it makes me think we should try and get the old tent meetings going again, and bring back this wonderful Christoval Legacy. Hmmm . . . maybe start small, with an Easter Sunrise Service in the park, right where this picture was taken. Thats what we should do, and that is what we are going to do. Consider yourselves invited! 


  1. Hi!

    I´m studying to be a Landscape architect in Sweden, and I have a request concerning using one of you photos in my Master thesis? Can you mail me?

  2. I would be pleased as punch to be able to make it to an actual ol' time revival meeting!
    Unfortunately, I live too far away and travel for me is out of the question nowadays; but you all will be with me in spirit when I am in church that day.
    I remember back in the day when Oral Roberts came to our small town for a tent meeting. There were over 45 thousand people who came to see him. I was just a boy but the memory of his stirring words and presence still stands strong in my eyes.
    I suppose most people today think that a revival meeting is corny and that it would be much more fun to go to some rock and roll concert or whatever. Darn!!!
    IF we don't get our moral house in order {starting with our young ones} this country is going to go to you know where in a handbasket.
    Everyone nowadays is so lazy and they don't even want to do so much as take a walk around the block. I was at Wal Mart last week and I noticed a woman in a car drive around for what seemed like hours just to get a parking space up front. If she had just parked in the back she would have been done shopping by the time she actually got out of the danged car!!!
    And the behavior of the kids today, boy I'll tell you, is outrageous. Some of them have mouths filthier than some of the grunts I served with in the Infantry in WWII; but what's worse, the parents don't seem to care!
    Yes, what this country needs is a good revival meeting and not just for it's children.
    Keep the pictures coming, young man; I'll keep looking at em.

  3. the problem with the older generation is that they compare everything to the way when they were younger , but guess what eveyone is not lazy and maybe just maybe with todays technology we can turn on the tap instead of going to the creek. would you rather use the washboard or the washing machine . i also did harder work as a child compared to my own children but if the tech was around to perform certain task believe me i would have used it ."work smarter not harder" could be why we are living longer nowadays , and yes the old tent revivals are great , thanks for letting me rant.

  4. Speaking of the magic of washing machines (I know, somewhat off topic but also involving nostalgia) here is a talk by Hans Rosling about washing machines, which was a previous topic by PJM from 2009.

  5. when i was young we learned grammer and to right.

  6. Question:

    How did the farmers in this group get away for the week? What provisions did they make for their animals and chickens? What about milk cows? Did some family members and farm workers stay home, then switch off the next year with the folks who got to go to the revival?

  7. WHAT a DELIGHTFUL idea to have Easter Sun Rise service at every City Park!!! Awesome idea. LOVELY idea!!! How pleasant the thought to go to an open air Tent service open to all, in the center of your neighborhood. The history of outdoor Revivals in the late 1800s (TN, KY, NY) is absolutely fascinating as well as the traveling Revivals and the Chautauqua tours through cities. Sometimes, you just need to get outside!