Monday, April 18, 2011


Today's picture was taken in Jerusalem in the early 1900's and it shows shepherds tending a flock of sheep. Notice how the shepherd in the background is carrying one of the sheep that had gotten separated from the flock.


  1. I guess it was easier to carry to wandering sheep rather than try to herd it.

    By the way did your mother do any more explaining about the tractor and shed door?
    Did you show her how to drive the tractor now?

  2. What a beautiful picture!
    Which one is Jacob?
    I don't see much growing herbage -
    more wool than meat.

  3. That is some rough terrain. Takes alot of balance to navigate it. Then try to do it with a sheep on your sholders? Brutal. Have a nice week all.

  4. Great theme this week, PJM. Thank you.

  5. The story goes like this: The lamb that wonders has his leg broken by the Sheppard. The leg is set and then the lamb has to be carried of course. By the time the lamb is able to walk again he is bonded to his master for life and doesn't stray.

    I raised sheep and this makes perfect sense to me. And I also have been broken and the Master(Jesus)healed me and carried me until I could walk again.


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