Monday, April 4, 2011

Revival Meeting

As you know, we have extended Christoval, Texas week for another week. Today's picture was taken around 1900, and shows a group of people on the banks of the South Concho river. The people were attending a revival meeting. As I read about these meetings, I learned it was not unusual for a hundred people to be baptized at a time in the river. 


  1. Once again, another photo that warms my heart.
    What stands out to me is that the people (especially the kids) seem so kind and dignified. Not like nowadays.
    Back in the day we would be out of bed at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning to get washed and go to church. My old man saw to that, mind you. I remember one time when I just didn't feel like going and Pops came in the room and let out a howl that would make the devil himself shiver. Ol' Pops was usually a quiet guy, he let his belt do most of the talking and boy did we listen!!! I miss him a lot, when they made him they broke the mold.
    I bet most kids today have never even seen the inside of a church let alone been to a revival meeting. They're too busy playing their dumbbell video games and listening to their rap music.
    More often than not, we live in a world where the kids run the house and the parents listen. Darn!!!!
    ONe day I was going into the local drug store with my missus Emily and some juvie delinquint was ahead of us and he didn't even take the time to hold the door! Chivalry is dead in our country today!!
    In my time if my Mom or Dad saw me do something like that to a neighbor or even to a stranger I'd have been given shuch a shellaqueing that I'd still be feeling the pain even today in my golden years!!!
    Keep these wonderful photos coming sonny, at least there's something nice to look forward to nowadays.

  2. To Mean Old Man
    WOW! Such a life you led as a kid. Having a Father that would beat you at the slightest misdeed.

    My Father never struck me once, if I did something wrong he would talk to me about it. I would feel bad if I disappointed him. But my mother got in a few licks with a belt. I hung out with one of my Brothers and he would get in trouble a lot, and if I happen to be with him at the time, I got punished right along with him.

    I raised 4 kids and only gave one of them a slight spanking once. My voice was enough to stop any arguments between them. I would talk to them when they misbehaved, and that seemed to handle the problem. I tried to teach them to respect not only their elders, but everybody. None of them ever hits their kids, well at least that I know of.

    I do understand what you are saying about kids these days. But to call the kid a juvenile delinquent when you didn't even know him seems a little harsh.

    I am a Senior Citizen and have opened and held doors open for people younger than me and have had a lot of them just walk through without so much as a thank you. When that happens I never fail to say to them "your welcome" with a little sarcasm.

  3. They are all so dressed up for an outdoor event. I wonder how the men (or their long-suffering wives!) ever got the mud out of the seats of their britches.

  4. Lady Anne, I was thinking the same thing. All dressed up and sitting in the dirt. I guess people dressed up for church back then, no matter where it was. When I go to church I wear a sportcoat and a tie, (thanks mom) and looking around I feel overdressed.

  5. Ahh yes the belt and the willow switch; I remember them well!

  6. I've seen kids like this before. I had one incident on a train where a young man threw a phone and accidentally hit me in the head. It wasn't an arrogant young man, but a cry for prayer. After I collect this young man's phone and handed it to him, I asked him what was wrong. He told me his brother was recently shot and he was on his way to see him. I was able to share the Gospel and pray with this young man. Don't worry that kids today forget to say "thank you" and can be arrogant. Make it a point to get the names of these kids and pray for each of them. Develop a relationship with them and share God's love. Who knows - maybe God will use one of these kids as the next Billy Graham!

  7. Isn't it great that someone had the foresight to take pictures of these events for posterity.

  8. Our church still does sea coast baptisms on occasion but most are done inside the church.

    Long Island Wargammer, my church is in Manhasset where's yours?


  9. and me, practical Nana, what with all the lines of discussion presented in these 8 comments, I choose to reply to the one I have some control over . . . muddy wool trousers (most likely wool, them days). Don't touch them until the mud is dry and then take the (long forgotten) clothes brush and brush every speck of that dried mud off those trousers. Don't wet them or wash them . . . because then the mud stains.

  10. @John - I attend Smithtown Gospel - in Smithtown :)