Friday, April 1, 2011

Head of the River Ranch

Today's picture shows the Head of the River Ranch near Christoval, Texas in about 1900. The Head of the River Ranch was the hub of ranching activities in the area. I found many fascinating stories about the place, and it is steeped in rich history. The Head of the River Ranch is where the South Concho River comes bubbling out of the ground. It is still in operation today, and I hear it remains a magnificent place. Unfortunately, I have never received an invite to go see it. Hmmm . . . maybe someday.

As I read true life stories about places like the Head of the River Ranch, I am amazed that Hollywood Movies have become so poor and predictable. It is like they keep making the same movie over and over. I wish they would do more on the fascinating stories of real people and places in history.


  1. What odd hats the three women have on

  2. I see some of the "cowboys" are wearing their boot on the outside of their jeans.
    No real cowboy would ever do that. Because if they rode through brush or tall grass stuff could fall inside their boots. Things like ticks, fleas, and other bugs. Plus pieces of weeds and brush.
    And that is why they wore their jeans on the outside of their boots

  3. Another great photo that stirs my heart. You can see a great sense of 'community' in it, not like nowadays. Why the heck is everybody today so into themselves??? These young kids with their cell phones and i pods and things like that.
    In my day when I was a kid we knew the value of going outside and getting a little dirt on ourselves; not like the punks today who sit inside all the time.
    And i agreee with the web host about movies...they just don't know how to make 'em anymore. In my time we had real movie heroes like John Wayne and Hopalong Cassidy.
    Now you go to the movies and you have prissy actors pretending to be tough. There aren't no more real men in Hollywood anymore.
    For every John Wayne or Bobby Mitchum there's a Russel Crow or Jeff Bridges (I liked his dad Lloyd, now there was a tough guy!!). No wonder Hollywood can't understand why they're losing money.
    I just wish some real honest American guys would get into acting. I just wish all the real honest guys and gals would let their voices be heard.
    The heck with cell phones and tweeter and all that stuff. I'll keep my trusty land line any day of the week!!!

  4. Everything in the movies has to be so over done. The explosions have to be bigger, the falls higher, the sex more explicit. But I guess they fell that they have to be bigger and better than the last or people won't come.
    The fact that there is so much entertainment that is presented right in your living room, mean that nobody goes outside any more.

    When I managed a large mobile home park (250 units), I would have a free pig roast for all the tenants. To start with we would have well over 150 people attend, and that was when the park wasn't fully developed (about 170 units). But as time went on and more and more home entertainment was available. attendance fell off to a point when there was only about 30 people (including children) attending. I had even added fairly nice door prizes.
    If you are giving someone a free meal and a chance to win a nice door prize, you would think they would happy to come. But only the same ones would show up. So the next year I had sign up sheet for people that planned to attend, and only had one person sign up. I canceled it for that year and in the monthly news letter I kept asking if they wanted me to start it up again. I never got a single response to it.

  5. RTD...cowboys did indeed wear their jeans tucked inside their boots. The leather uppers prevented their clothing from snagging on brush or thorns which could tear the clothing or possible dismount the rider. That was the purpose of the high leather uppers on cowboy boots.

  6. I don't know where anon got his information from.
    But I use to ride and we never tucked our pants inside our boots for just the reason the RTD stated.
    That would have to be one heck of a snag to dismount a rider.

    Lets hear from some other cowboys other there, and I don't mean city dudes

  7. I would rather have a few snags on my jeans then have somethng get inside and bite on my foot or leg. Beside that is why we would wear chaps when we rode in area with brush and snags and cactus

  8. who cares if your boots are tucked in or not . all i know ,when i was in the army god help the soldier that didnt have his bdu's tucked in.i believe with the cowboys it was a personel preference , or better yet how they were taught , just sayin..

  9. @RDT
    Did you ever think that your tenant's might all have become vegetarians?

  10. Anything April firstish that I'm missing here?
    Is this a collage?

  11. Am I the only one who is starting to believe that "Back in my day" mean old man is an April Fools joke?

  12. PhoenixR1, that's what I noticed first, the women's odd and big hats.

    And Mean Old Man, how 'bout that Audie Murphy? Used to love to watch his movies when they were on.

  13. Mean Od Man
    ... I hate to burst your bubble but at least in NYC there are no vagrancy laws, hence the homeless can do what they want where they want (we used to call them bums or hobos). And yes I would say most if not all are substance abusers (drunks, drug addicts) if not just section 8 crazy. It's not just kids that can't seem to exist without constantly being on there cell phones. I see moms with their kids in the stroller and instead of sharing the time with their child they have to yak on the cell phone.

    As far as Hollywood goes, it's not just the actors that are lacking. The general product is anti-hero and anti-America. It's pretty much been that way since Vietnam. I can't think of a single flag-waver of a film that's been made since then. With the possible exception of "The Right Stuff".


  14. Great site. Obviously a labour of love. I copy your observation regarding today's movies--fantasy pirates, werewolves, vampires and such.

    Our history, the sort of history you are featuring, is slowly slipping into obvlivion, and that's a pity. As Canadian, Frederick de la Fosse, said: "When communities are building monuments to their heroes, the pioneer is sadly overlooked."

    Gerry Burnie, - Canadian Historical Fiction,

  15. I turkey hunted on the "Head of the River Ranch" for 10 years. Beautiful place to be on an April morning with turkeys gobbling up and down the Concho.

  16. My great grandfather owned this ranch. Where did you get this picture and do you have more. I have a similar picture, or at least my sister does. We would be very interested in any information you have.


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