Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gather at the River

Good Sunday Morning to you all. This morning I feature another Christoval, Texas picture from about 1900. The picture shows ladies preparing a picnic on the shores of the South Concho River. It was part of a week long old-time tent revival meeting.

You see, Christoval used to be a great meeting place for tent revivals and encampments. These types of meetings would run all summer along the South Concho, and thousands of people from all over the country would attend.

My dad shared with me that his earliest memories were sitting on the banks of the South Concho river at one of these revival meetings, sitting in his mother's lap, and listening to the fiery preaching of Dr. George Washington Truett, one of the biggest evangelist of the day. 

These tent revivals and encampments went on from the late 1800's on up into the 1930's. In the 1930's there was a major flood, and it washed out the facilities, and with the Great Depression, there was not the resources or the energy to rebuilt.

The area now is the local hangout, where teenagers go to drink beer and smoke pot on the weekend. To me it is a shame that we had such a wonderful legacy, and then let it go.

Perhaps we should try and restart the tradition of the old tent revivals along the river. Hmmm . . . maybe a sunrise Easter service there would be a start.


  1. Good job PJM on 2 wins in a row.

    But I not sure that this one wasn't cheating a little.
    Maybe next week you would like to use a photo of my Grandfather, and you could win another time.

    So, to all those people that like to jump down a person throat, Just kidding.

  2. So, what idiot down in Florida figured it was OK to burn the Muslim holy book the Quran.
    This IDIOT has caused demonstration that have cost the lives of at least .20 people so far.
    Not to mention the upheaval, and all the good will that has gone down the drain.
    Before this is over more people will die.
    I wonder if that person and his God are going to be able to live with that STUPID decision that is killing people.
    I wonder if it was one of those fire breathing preachers in a zealous mode just to incite his flock into one more AMEN.
    I normally don't get to incited about religion, but when STUPIDITY in the name of religion causes the lives of innocent people, that is when I get P.O. about religion.

    So, please forgive me for my rant.

  3. Roger,
    The folks in the photo above look pretty peaceful. Looks like they are about to enjoy a nice picnic on the river. Relax, everything is going to be OK.

  4. RTD... yes the guy in Florida crossed the line and people paid the price. But before you focus too closely on his actions how about doing a Google search on jihad, fatwa, sharia law, or Islamic violence. I don't think anyone at the demonstration was stoned to death or had their head cut off.

    Sorry PJM but I'm tired of Americans feeling like they have to apologize to the world when we're not the problem.


  5. RTD... just curious... who were the people who demonstrated in Florida? And... who were the people that got hurt? How did they get hurt and by who? Maybe the only reason there were no decapitations is that it happened in the U.S.
    Have you ever heard of anyone ever anywhere that got beaten or killed because they burned a Bible or Torah?
    It seems there is one religion that is extremely intolerant of any criticism (or of anything not of their own design). If they can't take it they shouldn't give it.


  6. John,
    I am really not sure how we got on the topic of Muslim extremist . . . the picture I posted is turn of the century Christians peacefully gathering at the river for a time of rest, refreshment and revival. I don't see anything to criticize.

    Have we reached a point that simply displaying a picture of Christians peacefully gathering draws attacks on Christians, and blames them for Muslims beheading Christians in Afghanistan. Hopefully we have not gotten to that point.

    John, thanks for your comments and keep them coming.

  7. PJM, congrats on another win. I only had about 10 minutes to look yesterday and my googling of "Famous from Christoval" only turned up some Survivor TV guy.

    Regarding next week, I'd like to pre-guess Roger's grandfather.

    Regarding the tent meetings, I can't say about the ones in Texas, but the ones I've been to here in California have always produced more peaceful, caring, and loving people.

    So, are we looking forward to a encore Christoval week? Hopefully, yes?

  8. Sorry PJM to Hi-Jack your site, but when I read that article in the paper this morning, it kind of set me off.

    To answer John questions.
    Pastor Terry Jones acted as a judge in a mock trial that ended with burning a Quran on Sunday at his Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla.
    At least 22 people have been killed in Afghanistan so far in a series of violent protests against the burning of the Quran by two Florida pastors, according to reports coming from Afghanistan.

    Just because one person says he did something because he thinks his God wanted him to, you can't hold the whole religion to blame for it.

    I tell you what, just Google "Burning Quran in Florida" and you can read all about. There are ever 12,000,000 articles about it

  9. Mr. PJM, a fine photo for a Sunday.

    Gotta say, though, that woman in the middle wearing the checkered skirt is dressed pretty racy for a revival meeting, what with the shortness of it.

  10. RTD, you missed my point. I didn't excuse the guy that burned the Koran. That point is it seems kinda one sided. They destroy, desecrate and murder globally against all other religions but we must walk on eggshells lest we anger the "religion of peace".

    I stand by my position that those killed were killed due to the nature of the Islamic culture. They riot over cartoons. When I can safely build a church or synagogue in Mecca and hold services I will reassess my thinking.


  11. My mother's folks attended revivals on the Trinity River near Crocket, Texas in the early 1920's. Appearently, tents were sometimes use, but I suspect these meetings were much smaller than the ones you describe. Central East Texas is the seat of the "Bible Belt" in Texas.

    PJM, this character pretty low on the recognition list. Hope other contest subjects are a little more famous or significant. A lot of fun, though. Keep them coming.

  12. I am so sorry, but I have to reply: burning books is a terrible tradition. It has been done world wide, and has quite a history in this country as well. It is, however, a form of speech and is thus one of the cherished protected freedoms in our constitution. What happens elsewhere is purely the fault of that place's culture. If they murder Americans does that make it okay for us to murder Muslims in this country? No, of course not. RTD you are blaming the wrong action I believe.

    PJM, congratulations on two weeks in a row!

  13. It breaks my heart that a once sacred area is now a hangout for teenage hoodlums.
    There's just no respect anymore for the more stable and familiar traditions of our country!!!
    What this country needs is a good ol' fashioned revival meeting; as my Grandma used to say 'a little fire n' brimstone in your coffee won't hurt you!'. God Bless her, she was one of a kind; I miss her a lot.
    You keep 'em coming young man and I'll keep looking at 'em!!

  14. Looking at all the posts, it seems that OPotD really hit on something here. Rather than burn books or feel bad that a once sacred area is used as a hangout, what if we all agreed to pray? I can't change the hearts of the people in Afghanistan or the people hanging out - heck, that's not my job. However, our God can do anything. Anyone want to join with me to commit to pray for some of these people??