Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dead Sea

Our tour of Israel continues this morning with this photograph from the early 1900's. The pictures shows a man relaxing in the Dead Sea. I guess the Dead Sea is so salty that you actually bob like a cork in it rather than sinking. You can see he is floating quiet nicely, and is even reading a book and shading himself with an umbrella.


  1. That looks very uncomfortable. And the umbrella isn't providing much shade for his head at least. Must just be a photo op.
    The Dun Jaun Pond in Wright Valley, Antarctica is the saltiest body of water with over 40% salt, and doesn't freeze up to 63 below zero. The Dead Sea is actually 5th on the list with only 33% salt

  2. I have been to and in the Dead Sea. It is a remarkable assault on your mind. You walk out into the water and suddenly your feet no longer touch and you are floating!!! Your mind says do something so you can float and your body says, no need. It is amazing!!! BTW, it is VERY hot there yet you won't burn as UV rays below sea level are filtered. Wear old tennis shoes and a suit you can throw away as you won't want them after the plunge.

  3. What a resourceful young man!
    It seems that no one has any time anymore for the joy of holding a book in their hands.
    Now its just I pads or whatever they call them that youngsters read while straining their eyes. Sometimes they even do it when they're driving!!
    Whatever happened to picking up a book off the old shelf and turning the pages--each one a new adventure?
    I guess that's asking too much in today's high tech world.
    The other night we had a power outage from a bad storm and I took my copy of Last of the Mohicans (now there's a book!) off of the shelf and read it by candlelight.
    While all the other "spoiled" modern convenience slaves were whining and griping about not having their tv sets or their lights on I was having the time of my life in my easy chair reading the way ol' George Washington or Robert E. Lee did!
    Keep the photos coming, young man; I'll keep looking at em.

  4. Does anybody have any knowledge about the water being harmful if swallowed?

  5. I love all my new gadgets , technology is wonderful but just because someone likes the new doesnt mean i wont pick a book over a kindle but it is nice to have different choice , you should try some of these ''new fangled gadgets'' they are actually pretty neat and might be useful to have one day . ( salt water will dehydrate you).

  6. Do you think he turned the page by flipping it with thumb and holding it in place with pinky?

  7. Bidi - When I was at the Dead Sea, they cautioned us not to get any water in our mouth as it could be fatal. I think they were erring on the side of caution. I think I got a little. Not fatal, obviously, but definately distasteful. Still an awesome experience.

  8. At the least, I bet a mouthful swallowed would give you the "bad belly" Awful lot of salts, chemicals and heavy metals in that water.

  9. looks like great fun!
    and the umbrella is a good touch :P