Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1917 World Series

Today's picture shows some players at the 1917 World Series. Pictured are Eddie Murphy, John "Shano" Collins, Joe Jackson, Happy Felsch. and Nemo Leibold. 


  1. Neat pictures. I find it interesting that everyone in the crowd appears to be wearing a suit and tie. A different age, for sure.

    Graham in St. John's

  2. Graham I was about to post the same thing! No sleeveless torn tshirts, jeans, tank tops, and flip flops there for sure!!

  3. Don't forget hats. My dad would never ever go outside without his hat on.
    But yes, back in those days you would wear your Sunday-Go-To-Meeting cloths when ever you went to a public occasion,
    Times sure have changed.
    I stopped wear my ties at about age 40, but still do if it is something real important. I still know how to make a very nice Windsor knot also. None of those clip ons for me

  4. In the bottom left of the picture, in the dug out there appears to be what looks like an early water dispenspor? Looks like a rather fancy contraption for the day if it's only purpose is to hold water.

  5. If most of the people today were transported to the olden days they would be arrested for vagrancy in light of the clothing they wear.
    In my time we had a sense of dignity. You wore a suit and a tie and a hat and not just on Sunday!!!
    IF you took your sweetheart to the cinema on a Friday night you wouldn;t be able to tell the difference between who was a plumber or an accountant in the daytime hours because we all had a sense of respect for our social appearance.
    Not like the kids today who wear baseball caps backwards what with their undergarments sticking out of their trousers that are ten sizes too big and sporting a thousand keys that have no lock to fit. Darn!!!!!
    And don't tell me that this clothing thing ain't a part of what's wrong with our society today, either!
    It's a piece of the puzzle and we better wake up and drill some respect and appreciation into these upstarts who are too big for their britches or else!!!
    Keep the photos coming young man.

  6. And you can bet there were no drunks throwing beer bottles or shouting vulgarities at the visiting team.

  7. I thought the same as the others today. Love the suits, ties and hats. Wish we could see these days again. I love the players uniforms too. This is really a good week. Thank you for this trip to our past. lam

  8. in my day............... fill in the blanks.

  9. My dad would never leave the house, even to mow the lawn, in his undershirt or t-shirt. He at least put on a short sleeved sports shirt.

    When the Lord of the Manor retired he hung most of his neckties on the clothes line, sprayed them with lighter fluid, and burned them. He kept a few for REALLY special occasions, but for church he generally wears a turtle neck and a cross with his suit or sports coat. The last time he wore a tie was for my sister's funeral.

  10. What I find interesting is how baseball uniforms have changed - the pants remind me of jodhpurs (the way jodhpurs used to look before today's stretch fabrics). Can anyone tell me why today's baseball uniforms are more snug?

    @Lady Anne: I love that story about the ties. :)


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