Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dirty Dogs

I will admit that when I posted yesterday's Mystery Person contest I intended for this to be "Union Thug" week, where each day we would look at a Union Thug or examples of Union Thuggery. After looking through some pictures, I concluded that they were a bunch of Dirty Dogs, and then decided to make this "Dirty Dog" week instead. So, we start with the picture above, which was taken in Alaska in 1916. These are no doubt sled dogs, but in the off season they are being used to pull a cart. I like the picture, and I like studying the different ways people have used dogs as "workers".

Domestic Update:

OK, I am sorry I have not had a domestic update in a while. Things are very busy around here, and sometimes I just do not have time to pull it off. So, here goes . . .  

First off, it looks like Handsome Jack is finishing up his project out behind Chickie Town. It looks like he has built a rather magnificent structure for himself.

We will keep our eyes on the construction project. Hopefully he is going to put some doors on those big openings.

Things continue to go well out in the Bean Barn. With the days getting longer things are growing very fast. The new lettuce system is really producing an abundance of lettuce . . . much more than we can eat, sell, or give away.

You can see we are growing Bib, Romain, and Purple lettuce. The trick is to plant in stages so every day you have heads that are ready to pick. In addition to the lettuce, we are getting lots of cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, zucchini, and sweet peas. I really like having everything growing, so when Mrs. PJM is cooking, she just tells me what to go out and pick. It is like having a fresh vegetable market right in the back yard.

Now, I am in the process of trying to figure out what the project will be for this summer. I am thinking about putting in a corn and black eyed pea patch, expanding the orchard, or drilling for water, and putting in a wind mill. I have not exactly figured out what to do, but I will need a challenging summer project.


  1. Good choice on the dogs. At least it will give every one a chance to get their blood pressure down after last week.

    I will have to admit that the building is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. The photo of size of the cement slab left me with the impression that it was a lot smaller the it turned out.

    Do you feel that you built to big of a green house.
    Maybe you can set up a fruit and vegetable stand and let your daughter make a bunch of money the year. She can have samples or photos there and run into the green house and cut the customer a fresh item. You can advertise the freshest veggie in town, Not days but seconds old.

    I think drilling a water well, if it isn't to deep, would be a good summer project for you. It would make you even more independent.

  2. What gorgeous lettuce! and no snails or slugs like we get here in Cali. Not even a gopher problem. I am so jealous!

  3. Did you notice that the guy has vine strings on the front of his house. I wonder what he is growing on them?

  4. Roger,
    Handsome's building is 40X40. I fear he is planning on hosting cockfights in there. I saw a sign on the door that said "Fight Club".

    On the greenhouse, I wish it was bigger. It was build 18X28. After I built it, I realized I could have made it twice as big for only 5% or 10% more. The greatest expense of the greenhouse was getting utilities to it, and the equipment on the ends (heater, fan, pumps, tanks, shutters, etc.). The expense to simply make it longer would have been trivial compared to the cost of utilities and the end walls and equipment.


  5. Mary,
    You have hit the nail on the head. What I have enjoyed about the greenhouse is that it removes all the hassle of gardening . . . no pests, no weeds, it is perfect weather year round, and the lettuce is at waste level to pick. I enjoy being able to go out when it is 12 degrees outside and go into the warm greenhouse and pick all the things for a fresh salad.

  6. What a shame.
    I use to sell mobile homes, and I would have people come in and want to buy a 16 by 60 mobile home. I would have to talk hard to get them into a 16 by 80 home. Telling them that each home has to have a furnace, and a water heater, a kitchen with a stove refrigerator and a sink. a bathroom, a front and rear wall. The only difference is the couple of dollars for the extra 20 feet of side wall and roof. Being they were building a lot more 80 footers and only a few 60 footers, the price wasn't that much difference right off.

    I suppose Handsome Jack may be thinking after some training, of entering his (your) chickens into the "Fight Club". But you know the rule, "nobody talks about the fight club". Or maybe he will enter some of the peacocks instead.

  7. Hi !

    It is true that the lettuces are more beautiful than mine. The greenhouse is a little too hot for salads. At the time, there were 28 ° C (84 ° F), tomatoes go up! 1.80 m of height!
    In a month: hop! Outside! Only the vines will remain where they are. They have leaves of 3 inches wide.
    The greenhouse is the future for having to eat throughout the year.

  8. Huemaruice7,

    Yes, it is much more difficult to keep the greenhouse cool than to keep it warm. Very soon I will have to put a shade cloth over it. Already it is getting over 85 degrees (F) with the air conditioner running.


  9. Dogs at work is a great topic.
    PJM, I have to take exception with your comparison of dirty dogs and union thugs. It's insulting... to the dogs!
    Great picture!


  10. Like Roger, I think a proper well and windmill with an above-ground tank and cover would constitute a good summer project. The cover would protect the water from a considerable amount of evaporation and all but the hardest freezes. Additionally, it would keep birds and other animals out of the water.

    With proper plumbing and some filtration, you could have a water source that could replace or supplant the town/county system water you now use.

  11. Im so going to enjoy seeing all the photos you psot about "Dirty Dogs". Being a huge dog lover.
    Your garden sounds so loely. Im sure Mrs. PJM love having all those fresh veggies to cook with.

  12. Fight Club indeed! Handsome Jack knew you would be parking your new tractor in there & he made it big enough for tractor races.

  13. If you drill, I will be interested to learn the depth to water in your area.

    Those dogs look more like hunting dogs.

  14. At first when I read Union Thug week, I thought you were considering a Yankee Thug week as a follow up to Gentlemen Raiders. Glad you decided against either.

    Must be nice living in a Right to Work state. Are either the chickens or peacocks unionized?


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