Friday, February 25, 2011

Pauline Chase

Today's picture is from 1910, and shows Pauline Chase. She lived from 1885 to 1962. She is best remembered for her role as Peter Pan in the British stage production of that play.


  1. It's ironic you had Maude Fealy and Pauline Chase back to back. My sister always said that if she had a daughter she would name her Paulina Maude. God saw fit to give her two sons.

  2. If you judge by the amount ot comments for a winner in the Famous Actress Week, then Maude Fealy is the winner, handsdown.

  3. I think she is attractive in a handsome way. Not delicate but finely structured facial features. Have no conception of how well she acted or what her stage persona was ,but the pictures are great!


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