Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mystery Person Contest

Today is Saturday, and that can mean only one thing. It is Mystery Person Contest day! Ready, Set, Go!


  1. Wow, we have a winner!

    Was it really that easy, Roger.

    Well, you can probably guess this week's theme . . .

    . . . Yes . . .

    It is Gentleman Bandit Week!

  2. John Hunt Morgan (June 1, 1825 – September 4, 1864) was a Confederate general and cavalry officer in the American Civil War.

    Morgan is best known for Morgan's Raid when, in 1863, he and his men rode over 1,000 miles covering a region from Tennessee, up through Kentucky, into Indiana and on to southern Ohio.

  3. I think naming the man who's hand is on Morgan's shoulder might be a bit more of a challenge.

  4. That hand would actually be the hand of his wife.

  5. Good job, Roger. You are quick. How many Mystery Person contests have you won now?

  6. Today I suggest that perhaps Nate Maas, aka the Evil Nate Mass, aka ENM, has reconfigured himself as "Roger".

    Roger wins a lot of Mystery Person Contests, much like Nate Maas used to.

    And yes, Nate does comment here occasionally, but I suggest that's just as a cover.

    Roger, whoever you are, we do appreciate your sparing us from Mr. PJM's gloating when he wins.

  7. Morgan rode a beautiful black mare named Black Bess. He was very fond of this mount but sadly, had to leave her behind for Union troops to capture towards the end of the war when he and his men were almost caught on the wrong side of a river.
    Personally I thought maybe he should have just swum across with the horse instead of the boat thing :)

  8. One of our favorite sons here in Lexington, Kentucky. Hunt-Morgan House is popular tourist attraction, Old Courthouse has statue of Morgan mounted on Black Bess, just down from statue of John C. Breckinridge... and down the street from statue/tomb of Henry Clay.

  9. ...btw, one the way from Morgan's statue to Clay's... you pass the Mary Todd Lincoln house.

  10. Congratulations, Roger!

    Anon, you are correct, it is the hand of Mattie Ready Morgan (later Williamson), John Hunt Morgan's second wife.

    and ha ha ha Joe, I'm not Roger, but he's good. I do get a chuckle out of all the different identities people have said are me, particularly since I use my real name on the Internet. Perhaps if you win a few more Mystery Person contests, someday someone will claim Nate Maas is just an alias for Joe in NC!


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