Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old Gas Station

Good Sunday Morning to you all, and Welcome to Old Gas Station Week here at OPOD. As you might guess, I like the gas stations of bygone days better than what we have today. I hope you will click on the picture above for a closer look. What I like, is that in the old days, everything was unique . . . each gas station reflected the unique personality of the owner, the employees, and the customers. Each one was different, and each one was interesting. Today, everything is the same. In my former jobs I had to travel a lot, and what I noticed is that everything is pretty much the same everywhere now. There is less and less local flavor in communities, and we have become a nation of big box stores, fast food chains, and convenience stores with gas pumps. I miss the days reflected in this picture.


  1. i think gas stations of old also doubles as beer joints, ads for the product are everywhere!

  2. I miss them too, my grandmother used to own a little restaurant a couple of pumps outside and with 3 little hunters cabins between the restaurant and her house. It always brings back fond memories when I see pictures like this. My kids don't know what they are missing. I agree with you on everything being the same. it's sad really. Thanks for sharing, Theresa xoxo

  3. I'm an American currently living in Germany and the gas stations here even look the same as in the US.... It's really sad I think how much everything is looking alike. Even in completely different countries...

  4. For extra income, I did some Secret Shopping. Some of them included the big box convenience stores/service stations. There was a strict set of rules that the owners had to abide by. If they were lax in keeping the store clean and well stocked they were penalized.
    The employees had to greet you and suggestive sell and thank you. There could be no burned out lights or damaged equipment. Restrooms had to be clean and fresh smelling (That was a good rule).
    So in ways the big box attitude is good. I have gone into some restroom that would stink and scare me, but the next time back they were a lot better.

    But there still are independent service stations out there that even pump your gas for you. But gone are the days when the friendly attendant use to come hustling out, check your oil, wash your windows, even check your tire pressure.

    I remember those old glass top pumps, They would pump a handle back and forth to fill the big glass globe on top to the amount of gas you wanted, and then put the nozzle in your tank and empty the globe. If I remember right the globe held 10 gallons, so they may have to refill it more than once.

    AAAH the good old days.

    Where is our domestic update???
    Has Handsome Jack been busy this last week???

  5. Good stuff. I grew up living on the second floor of a gas station my old man ran during the early years of my youth... and did it have character! I'd love to share a photo of it with you, but I can't figure out how to insert it.
    Chas Leck

  6. Charles,
    If you like, email me the photo, and I will see what I can do.

  7. Here's that gas station a generation later, through the eyes of Jeff Brouws, a fine American photographer:

  8. Fantastic post.... I love your page.

  9. The old stations were a social meeting place. The farmers and ranchers could talk about their crops and about trapping cayotes that were killing thier kids (goats) and lambs.I always enjoyed the conversations as a young kid.

  10. Great picture of days gone by. I grew up in small rural town in Oregon and I remember those gas stations so well. I miss them and the feeling of knowns you wouldbe taken care of when you came back in becasue they knew customer service was going to bring you back. Long gone are those days of smiles and knowing your customers name and family and just plain good old fashion customer service. Sure miss them.
    Thanks for the memories.

  11. It's fun to see some of the old stations that have been restored. Some are now boutique type store or even a small rental home. The architecture of some are so deco is one I've seen that is just an amazing building.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I agree and impressed with the " Become a nation of big box store..etc..."
    And then can i have the chance to see the real scene of some gunfighters in front of the ole Gas station or ...?

  13. The picture must be in the New Orleans area or thereabouts as both Jax and Regal were regional beers brewed in New Orleans. Regal was terrible in the bottle but quite good as draft. In the early 60's anyway.

    1. I thought the same thing! Louisiana, anyway! Beer Garden sign, Hires Rootbeer, Dudley Ice Cream?,whiskey, Coca-cOLA,BBQ, besides Jax & Regal beer. What no po-boys?

  14. My first job was at a small town gas station. I was 12 years old and pumped gas, checked oil, cleaned windshields, and ran the cash register. We sold a lot of beer during the hot new england summers, and it was stressed that I had to keep rotating that beer from the old freezer to the cooler!

    And the owners were characters,too, right along with the old place.

  15. I love your picture. It has such atmosphere that I can almost imagine I was there.

  16. So many adverstisments not too diferent from today in that aspect


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