Friday, January 14, 2011

Hi Speed Gas Station

I have to say I am sad to see Gas Station week come to an end. I think Gas Stations are a very visible indicator of the loss of Customer Service in the US over the last 40 years. Here is hoping that one day it makes a comeback.

Remember, tomorrow is Mystery Person contest. I detected a little disappointment that last week's contest was too easy. I have some ideas for a really good one for tomorrow. 


  1. I shall attempt to be around for the mystery person contest this week - I value a lie in Saturday morning and then have to cram the rest of the days work into the latter parts of the afternoon, so I often miss it.

    Gas station week has been an interesting one, the automobile industry is a very tangible counter by which you can measure and gauge technological progress in the 20th and 21st century. I shudder to think of your opinion on the "pay at pump" services we have here...

  2. Now if you pull into a filling station and read "HI Speed" advertised it more than likely means they have wi-fi available...this is great for us frequent travelers who are looking for local information (where the local mom and pop eating establishment is).

  3. Morning PJM.
    Working on a lap top, man how I hate working on a lap top.
    Getting good connections to strange wireless connection can be a bummer. Now I understand what people talk about when they complain about it.

    But I guess I got off the topics of the daay (yesterday).
    My takeon this is that no matter who is in the White House there are so many things that come into play.
    The Pres. gets wrong advise from highly trusted people, and he makes a wrong choice.
    Some come in with goofy ideas and work hard to get them inacted.
    Some come in with great ideas, but can't get them to work.
    To blame the President or the political party for all are problems isn't always true.
    The new Pres. has to fight through things and people that are in play and that take time.

    One thing we have to remember is that even if we don't care for the People running the counrty, is that we can change that problem every few years.
    I am not fond of our President, but he is right now my President, and he stepped into a very tough job without much experence.

    Time always tells us how good a man was for his job, but we really can't tell how good of a job he did or did not do until years later.

    I don't know if I will be able to guess tomorrow. I am working off of a lap top, and did I mention how much I hate working off a lap top. When you have worked on a desk top since day one, working off a lap top is hard. Did I mention how much I hate working off a lap top.

  4. I really enjoy this blog, am a big fan of old photos and I am glad that I found it. It seems that a lot of the time a picture stirs up political comments and them some people get nasty.
    This is why I don't follow politics. I have seen some of the political shows but they really turn me off. I've seen more maturity in my 3 year old's daycare than in the guys and gals on those shows.
    I vote the man or the gal; I don't much follow political parties because they are all pretty much the same anyways.
    I like GW Bush today and when he was president, but I also find Obama to be a decent guy. Apparantly, all you followers of politics tell me I'm not allowed to do that. Which is why I don't care for the whole silly kids game that goes on anymore.
    People are entitled to say what they wish but as for me, I think I'll just enjoy the photos.

  5. The thing that stands out for me about gas station week is how everything in retail now seems to have a predictable sameness. Shopping malls are the norm and what's worse is they all have the same stores. In the sci-fi film Demolition Man it its explained that in the future all restaurants would be Taco Bell.

    Regarding our president. There's a big difference between inheriting a problem and making it worse. I for one do not want to be treated like an incoming prisoner at Auschwitz just because I want to get on an airplane.
    I also don't want to go to the DMV to see a doctor. Our president may think he's doing what's right but it's his goals that bother me. Ask someone who actually lived in Cuba whether Michael Moore got it right about government healthcare. And why are the lawmakers exempt from these laws?


  6. John,
    Wow, really agree with you on the sameness comment. I also have thought that the movie Demolition Man is starting to look a little too realistic. I have been wanting to go back and watch the movie again.

    I am also with you on losing rights. It has happened under the present and former administration. The crazy thing is that what they are doing to take our liberty away is not making us safer . . . like strip searching granny before she boards the plane.

  7. This gas station reminds me of the one in Disney's "Cars."

  8. I hate to see Gas Station week come to an end also. My mother was raised in an apartment over the Gas Station that my grandfather built in the 1920's. And I remember all these old-style gas stations from when I was little. So many happy memories! I hate to see it end.

  9. Good morning...I too, miss the service that was provided at gas stations. My mom who is up in years has a hard time getting someone to help her check the oil, tires i.e. simple things. Gone is the "generosity" that was part of the service.

  10. I loved this week's photos and wish we had the same kind of service today.

    Around here, there are hardly ANY full service gas stations.

  11. John:

    Wow, you really hit the nail right on the head as far as I'm concerned.

    I truly believe that our current president is a secret Socialist who doesn't care for the Constitution and who has a very narrow, personal agenda.

    Now, there may be people who agree with him, but I believe that we may lose the essence of what this country was founded upon it we continue down this path.

    These are dark days.

  12. I really enjoyed Gas Station Week, as well. As for the political comments, if you really look at the programs and bills that Obama is trying to push through, it's true that they are way to the left of the past few years, but, overall, they're more Centrist than Liberal. Many of the same measures were on the agenda of Richard Nixon before he was forced to leave office. The United States has gone very far to the Right, indeed, when someone much more conservative than Teddy Kennedy is considered a Socialist.

  13. I enjoyed gas station week as well. Reminds me of my grandpa. He owned his own sign painting shop and also detailed cars. By hand he would paint pinstripes on cars and letter the customer's initials on the doors. Hand lettered business names on the sides of delivery trucks and such. In the summer time (1970's) I would sit on a bucket and watch him do this. Good times. He learned from his dad who was a German immigrant who pinstriped auto bodies up in one of the Detroit factories.

    -regards from snowy Ohio

  14. Has anyone actually discovered where our President was born? I seem to remember a cobbled up birth cirtificate with the location of birth scratched out. This combined with the low bow given to the prince of the royal family in Saudi Arabia leads me to some scary visions of the future.

    I agree again with SmartGirl: There are dark days ahead.

    Keep pushing your Congresman and Senators to first hold the line then we can push back against the administration in the 2013 elections

  15. Gas Station Week brought back memories of me as a kid riding into one on my bike. Could always borrow a tire gauge to fill up the tires. Sometimes got advice about fixing bike from the shop guys. On a hot day could buy delicious cold chocolate soda from an icebox.
    Regarding political comments, no comment, except that I used to hear political comments at the gas station too...democracy working.

  16. Your pictures are so nice !
    I don't understand english at all and I can't follow the discussions good.
    But I only wanna congratulate your work ! Go on :)

  17. When I moved to North Carolina for a stint, they still had the old type of gas pumps. Very weird, but cool!


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