Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Great Depression

Well, we had some great fun yesterday with the Mystery Person Contest. Lots of good guesses, but in the end no correct answers, so by the rules of the game, I am the winner. I updated yesterday's post, and you can read about the Mystery Woman. Now, back to this week. This will be Great Depression Week. We have not looked at the Great Depression in some time. The picture above was taken in 1938 in Jarreau, Louisiana. Children are waiting in the car for their parents.

I really enjoy studying the Great Depression. The angle I like to look at is not so much how bad it was, but how much character it built. I think it set the stage and helped define America's greatest generation. This was a generation of Doers and Savers. We have become a generation of Watchers and Spenders.

Domestic Update:

You all have been asking for a Domestic Update, so here goes. First, that peacock is definitely up to something. Now that I have gone back to work, his project out behind Chickie Town has resumed. If you look at the picture below, it appears that he has constructed some sort of large concrete slab.

I am not sure what the intended purpose is, but I noticed in the corner the initials T.D. has been marked in the concrete. The slab appears to be about 40X40 in size.

I have been busy as well. This last week I put in the first part of a fruit orchard. I had 2 18 wheel truckloads of dirt moved in, spread the dirt out, and put in 6 trees. I have 3 peach, 2 apple, and 1 apricot trees. The trees were bare root, so they do not show up well in the picture.

In the bean barn, my lettuce crop is getting going. I plant one row of lettuce each week, so it will mature over time. I did not want to plant the whole system at once, as  day would come that 350 heads of lettuce would be ready on the same day. Below, you can see the first few rows have been planted, and the first lettuce is starting to look good.

The tomatoes continue to do well. I really enjoy being able to go out in the middle of winter and pick ripe tomatoes off the vine. The vines are continuing to produce much more than we can eat.

I would really like to figure out how to have a nice corn patch and black eyed pea patch. I would likely have to have a lot of dirt moved in for that to happen. I worry that the peacocks and chickies would eat the seedlings before they had a chance to come up. So, I am still pondering how to do the corn and pea patch.


  1. Congrats on being the winner. Enjoy your well earned breakfast.

    You sure have some nice looking tomatoes. You have done yourself proud.
    I noticed that the lettuce in the middle of a couple of the rows is not as big as the outside ones.

    Don't know what to say about growing stuff outside where the fowl from chickie town would surely eat on them.

    Do you have deer in your area?
    My son has problems with deer eating on his orchard trees. Bark and branch ends in the winter, buds and leaves in the spring and the fruit in the fall. He has found a few deer repelents that work fairly well, but they are not fool proof.

  2. Roger,
    I have an 8 foot deer fence around the property, so deer are not a problem.

    Some of the lettuce is smaller because it was planted a week later.


  3. Correction: Great Depression Year (2011).

  4. Report on your Quest for World Domination.....

    The tamale recipe was fabulous. The girls and I spent 2 days, as you suggested, making them. They now think you are a great, great guy. So do the neighbors and my husband, SIL, BIL, and MIL. I have a stockpile of frozen tamales which I will use to bring others into the flock in the coming months.

    All hail PJM!

  5. Excellent progress. 2011 is the Year of Corn in my garden. I'm dedicating more space to corn. Last year was the Year of the Tomato.

    Good luck with your orchard. Are your trees standard, dwarf, or semi dwarf?

  6. I hope it’s not a secret missile launch pad…

  7. I'm a new comer. I don't know "peacock" or Chickie or Joe Blow. I know, it is my loss for being slow -- but maybe? could you reintroduce the folks? or have them wear name tags,anyway? : )

  8. I love how the tomatoes slowly go from green to red. It's like you colored it in. Pretty.

  9. I child that young should never have to look that worried.

  10. U are one awesome dude!
    Congrats for your mystery person stump Saturday. Whooo! all that hard work you must be putting in around your developing homestead looks grand and your photographic skills are wonderful too.

    About this weeks' theme and many related preceding weeks leading up to it; I must say that one of my favorite books and movies is "THE GRAPES OF WRATH".

    Right now ; there is serious talk in our Capital about cutting Social Security soon, due to the level of our National debit.

    In my opinion; they are planning to punish the very VICTIMS of the unprecedented thefts that have placed this Great Nation in such financial distress.

    Be Well

  11. Doers and savers made it through the great depression. I don't care who you are..if China calls in our debt we all better be doers..and if we didn't save..oh least you have your greenhouse..and you will be able to eat. You will even have electricity. Looks like a great "little" shop or Gentleman Farmer Storage building that is going up:)