Monday, December 27, 2010

Working Cowboy

Good Monday morning to you all. I hope a lot of you get this week off from work, to rest up a little for the new year. Roundup week continues with this picture of a working cowboy on horseback. The picture was taken 1939 at the Three Circle Roundup in Montana. I really love this picture, and believe it portrays what really made this country great. 

I noticed that yesterday we had a real cowboy commenting on the picture, Mr. 2lazy4u, of the 2lazy4u livestock and literacy company. When I saw his handle and company name, I recognized the genuine Cowboy Wit, and realized we were dealing with the real thing. Hopefully he will continue to share a little of his Cowboy Wit and Wisdom with us.


  1. Not to much to comment about this morning as of yet.
    I did live in Montana for over 15 years, and did help out on some brandings.
    Just to let you know I'm still here and there are about 5,760 minutes left.

  2. Well roger, maybe you should move back to Montana in retirement. I can think of worse places to live.

  3. Country life is nice.Just in photos..And I love this blog.Great Job ! Regard from Turkey

  4. PJM

    I have always enjoyed your site and have a question concerning cowboys.

    Somewhere along the way I have read or heard that most cowboys were under 30 years old. Could this be true?

    Excuse my ignorance on this as I am and have been an east coast city kid for the past 59.5 years.

  5. DAG,

    That might have been true around the turn of the 20th century, but I suspect that today, the real cowboys outlive most of the folks back East because they live more physically active lives. This plus the invention of the pickup truck to replace the horse have resulted in older and larger cowboys and horses.

    I know a couple of cowboys in their late 60s that could work circles around most young'uns.

  6. That was kind of my thinking (Montana), but when the wife looked for found and bought a house here in Grand Forks I kind of got the idea that we were going to live here. All I did was sing the check and the paper work.
    There was a nice Valley South of Helena, Montana that really had caught my eye, but with all the celebrities moving to Montana, land prices really got out of hand.

  7. DAG - it may be true that all cowboys are under 30. Modern equipment has killed a considerable share of them! :) However, my husband is in his late 50's and my oldest son is 34 so I know of 2 that are over 30.
    They are branding in this photo. The calf in front is packing a fresh brand.

  8. Couldn't figure out how to contact you directly, but the January 2011 issue of the Smithsonian Magazine has a photo from JFK's inaugraion that would be a gold mine for your Mystery Person contest.

  9. I have always wondered about that cowboy age question.

    Thank you Al and Merideth.

  10. OMG, some of the lil calves have ringworm!