Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Street Vendor

Good Tuesday morning to you all. I hope you are having a nice Christmas Season, and not getting to stressed out with shopping. Today, we feature a picture of a street vendor in San Antonio, Texas. The picture was taken in 1939. The man is selling leather goods.

Domestic Update:

That pile of vegetables I showed on Sunday . . . I made that stir fry. The chicken was grilled outside over pecan wood, and then sliced, and stir fried in a little olive oil and wine with the veggies. Boy that was good.


  1. What a life to lead. Standing outside with your arms full of merchandise in the hot sun. I wonder if he was out there in the rain also. If so, you would think he would have some kind of shelter to be under so that his wares were not ruined. I noticed he even had pistol holsters along with the belts. I wonder what kind of harnesses he has. They are some nice looking belts he has for sale.

  2. By the way, that is some nice looking eats you have there.
    So if I take a trip, and happen to be in your area, you going to cook me up a nice strir fry or some Tamales?

  3. Was the chicken an unproductive resident of Chickie Town?

  4. Hi !

    I think that the truck behind belts leather merchant is a 'C4' Citroen (France)...

  5. Wow! Making tamales sounds like a great thing to do with the girls over Christmas vacation! I hope I can get off 2 days in a row to do this. Yummy!

  6. Here's some free advice for Marie:
    1. Take a large pan to your favorite local Mexican food joint. (Make sure to dress in holiday gear.)
    2. Ask them to fill it with tamales.
    3. Show up at a holiday party looking great while everyone in attendance thinks you're fantastic for going to the trouble to make tamales.

    It works every time.

  7. PJM:

    Your stir-fry looks fabulous. But I hope the chicken wasn’t from Chickie Town. You are certainly on your way to becoming a true gentleman farmer and forming a nice cottage industry. Between growing and selling fresh veggies; collecting and sharing recipes; and perhaps a new magazine, you’re all set!!!

    We LOVE tamales, but I doubt the ones we can get up here in New England are as good as what you guys have in your neck of the woods. There aren’t too many authentic Mexican restaurants in this area.

    Mostly everyone up here is of Italian heritage (as is my family). Now . . . . if you’re looking for great Italian food - New York, Boston, and especially Providence RI are the places to go!!