Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Street Peddler in Cuba

I don't know about you all, but I am really enjoying peddler week. You don't see street peddlers in most parts of the US any more. Maybe a few cities have people who sell food from carts on the streets, but that is about all. These peddlers were really entrepreneurial, and were actually small businessmen. They had to sell their wares, or they did no eat. I like how this guy is selling rugs and brooms. When you carry your entire inventory with you, product selection is probably key. I can see that brooms and rugs make sense selling together. You sell the rug, and then say, "Would you like to purchase a fine broom to protect your new investment?" Then probably most of the profit margin is on the brooms.

Domestic Update:

Yesterday after supper I had a wonderful watermelon for dessert. It was delicious. While the watermelon grew well in the greenhouse, I don't think I will try that again. The vine starts taking over, you don't get a lot of  fruit for the space it takes up, and the blooms have to be hand pollinated, which is difficult on watermelons.


  1. I'm going to go to Cuba before I die.

  2. I agree with you about watermelons.
    They are like pumpkins, they take up a lot of space to produce a few items per plant. But I'll bet it was fun to give them a try. You will have to make your self an outside bed away from every thing and let the vines run where they want, and hope the animals from chickie town don't feast on them before you.

    Well you know in the big Cities there are street vendors selling things that fell off the back of a truck. Or the guys sell watches "Real Rolexes" for a few buck

  3. But, I'll bet it was nice to have a nice fresh off the vine watermelon in almost the middle of December.

  4. My grandparents lived way out in the country in Lometa, TX. Along with itinerant preachers and migrant workers, they would get peddlers and tinkerers by their place. When aluminum cookware became all the rage she bought a set from one seller and I have her Kitchen Guide by The Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company.

  5. Do you think he is selling the rugs. Or is the rug needed for "demonstration purposes" to show how well the brooms work?

  6. Lots of street vendors in NY City now a days.

  7. Unfortunately, the NYC street venders seem, for the most part, to be selling Chinese garbage. Knock-offs abound. The guy from a couple of days ago selling belts, harnesses and holsters looked like he had quality goods. Maybe he even made them.

    Regarding the vender with the blanket and brooms. The brooms appear to have a manufacturer's label on the handle near the business end of the brooms. That seemed odd for an old picture.


  8. The brooms make great leaning posts too!


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