Friday, December 3, 2010

Cobbler School

Today's picture was taken in 1899, and it shows a Cobbler School where young men are being taught to make shoes. I would be willing to bet that you could not find such a class in the US today.

In town, there is a shop that still makes custom boots for you. They measure each foot, and build the boot to be a perfect fit for both feet. They are supposed to be the best boots in the world. People from all over actually come in to have a pair of boots made by them. They also make custom saddles and other really nice things. Something very rare these days.


  1. yes, quite rare for nowadays... and another difference - i see respect in these student's eyes; which is not a rule of relations in our modern big education institutions. well, i hate dictatorial people, at school or not, i just find respect is a necessary attribute of the education process.

    you have a very interesting place here *thumbs up*.

  2. Rhine Cobbler School in Denver Co.

  3. The Cobbler's Song (from the 1916 musical, Chu Chin Chow):


    I sit and cobble at slippers and shoon
    From the rise of sun to the set of moon
    Cobble and cobble as best I may
    Cobble all night and cobble all day
    And I sit as I cobble this doleful day.

    The stouter I cobble the less I earn
    For the soles ne'er crack nor the uppers turn.
    The better my work the less my pay,
    But work can only be done one way.

    Remainder of lyrics here:

    Paul Robeson sings The Cobbler's Song:

    About Chu Chin Chow:

  4. The US Army Mounted Cavalry (at several forts including Fort Hood)sends their men out to various boot-makers, harness makers, and saddle-makers so they can learn to make their own equipment. Not possible to buy it anymore. My nephew was in the mounted division for several years, they do demos and parades. He loved it. He would like to be a boot-maker. That was one of his favorite things-next to the horses.

  5. Wow, what a great picture to remind us days gone by. I can only imagine what a pair of handmade shoes would cost today!



  6. Wanted to share this from The Quick Cobbler, a store in Vancouver: "I'm Grampa Nijdam, Ronald's grandfather. I guess I got this whole Quick Cobbler thing started in the Netherlands back in the 1930's. He's a good boy and learned from the best. Bring him your shoes."

  7. Try Carlos' cobbler school in Martinez CA