Sunday, November 7, 2010

Treaty of Versailles

Today's picture shows the German Delegation at the Treaty of Versailles. This is the treaty that ended World War I. The treaty instituted stiff penalties on Germany. The German government which emerged after the treaty is known as the Weimar Republic. So, welcome to Weimar Republic Week here at OPOD.


  1. I'm looking forward to images of despondent Germans lugging wheelbarrows of worthless marks around!

  2. Great post! By some considered the treaty that was at the root of WWII.

  3. I agree with superheidi. They imposed such strict penalties on the Germans that there was nothing left for the Germans to do but rebel, hence Hitler getting into power and WWII.

    Under that treaty the people suffered terrible and a lot of hatred became of that suffering. And for some reason the Jewish people became targets of that hatred. Maybe the Jewish people did profit from the suffering, that I never did understand
    But it all stems back to a treaty that punished the little people

    HEY!!! This is Sunday, where is the domistic update

  4. Great topic, Mr. PJM!

    It reminds us of where our economy is headed if the politicians continue to spend and print 'money' the way they have.

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

  5. I think it's a bit much to say that the treaty was at the "root" of World War II. Certainly it was a factor, but there were many, many things that contributed to what happened in Germany in the 30s. It's a simplistic view of history to simply blame the treaty.

    That's not to say that it wasn't a dumb-ass treaty. Clearly, it was.

  6. Yes, we want a domistic update.

  7. I agree with theory that the terms of the treaty setting the stage for WW2 in europe. Germany's economy was trashed beyond what the depression did to the US and other countries. What's worse is France and others failing to enforce the limits of German rearmament.

    Jews were a traditional favorite target in many european countries. Hitler didn't invent the idea so it was an easy sell. I don't see how the Jews of the region would have benefited by the post WW1 economy. There may have been a few wealthy families (Rothchild) but there were many more non-jews who came out of WW1 very well off (Krupp and Quandt are notable). It reminds me of certain politicians teaming up with millionaire movie stars criticizing political targets for being greedy.


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  9. This treaty not only set the basis for the WWII but also forced an unnatural European asset by superficially disgregrating empires and crating nations. Some recent European troubles like Balcans instability (and many others) still have their roots in this bad treaty.

  10. I didn't invent the theory, nor did I state it is the one and only root of all evil. The theory is commonly accepted by many.
    And it is not a simple one! Even if it can be said in one sentence. What happened in Versailles was a highly complicated policitical game with many interests and consequences for many countries.
    From what I have seen, read and heard about the aftermath of WWI, Versailles is one of the important factors that can not be overlooked when talking about the foreplay of WWII.
    What happened in Germany in the 1930s has a lot to do with Germany in the 1920s and the aftermath of WWI! (Even concerning the person of Hitler, who fought in WWI and became politically involved right after the war, and lead to the putsch in 1923 which lead to many more).
    How other nations in Europe and the US behaved in the interwar period has a lot to do with Versailles. The League of Nations being one the subjects and its failing might be considered as another important factor concerning WWII.

    Anti-semitism goes back a very very long way, long before Germany even existed.

  11. …and lead to the putsch in 1923 which lead to many more).

    many more... troubles, facts and consequences all to be found in many history books.

  12. Anti semitism has existed since biblical times. Let us not forget that Jesus was Jewish.

    Re Germany, World Wars I and II and Germany, I find the entire subject depressing.

    Hitler was the embodiment of the AntiChrist.

    And the United Nations is just as much of a failure and farce today as ws the League of Nations. It's a waste of time.

  13. This conversation full of over-simplifications made me uncomfortable. "Maybe the Jewish people did profit from the suffering"...???

  14. yay! finally a topic on which i'm totally at loss ;) i'm doing my master thesis on the use of myths in ww II germany ~ so i'm pretty excited about what kind of pictures the great PJM will present ;)

    cheers from germany,

  15. One of the most dismal events resulting from the German inability to pay reparations was the wholesale theft of its priceless art collections by art dealers in France in trumped-up auctions that were represented as foreclosure sales. Unsurprisingly, when he got the chance, Hitler took it back again. Then, after World War II, the West took it back from him, etc. etc. So it goes....