Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Packing Cigars

Today's picture was taken in the late 1800's and shows men packing cigars into boxes at a cigar factory. The picture was taken in Key West, Florida.


  1. Nice picture. Even though there isn't any lighting in the work environment I like the natural light streaming in through the windows. Todays sterile office zaps all your vitamin D. Rolling and packing cigars looks like an ok job. Did they get carpul tunnel syndrom back then? Probably just called it sore hands back in the day.

  2. Almost looks like either a Union job or a Goverment job.
    2 guys standing around watch the rest work. Well at least they aren't leaning on shovels.

  3. Three workers and only two bosses? Looks as if they might be a supervisor short.

  4. the lighting is beautiful.

    there are also great photos where it shows people coming to read and play music for the cigar factory workers.

  5. Totally faked!  You can see how messy this place is.  People didn't start being slobs until modern times.  Also the picture is brown, yet all they had back then was black and white photography, no brown.  Plus the guy in the back is clearly updating his Facebook status on an iPhone.  With all the sunlight coming in, this was probably a staged shot set up inside a greenhouse with an interior facade.  The tobacco on the back shelf looks like it was grown with a hydrophonic system.  I'm wondering if there have been ANY old photos on this site or if they were all just faked.

  6. Nate,
    Funny. Yes, all part of my evil scheme to take over the world. It all starts with elaborate schemes to fake old cigar pictures.


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