Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mystery Person Contest

OK, Mystery Person Contest is officially underway. First person to identify this woman wins.


  1. Possibly Miss Lotta Crabtree?

  2. Dave,
    We have a winner.

    Was it really that easy? I would have thought she would be more obscure.

  3. Mr. PJM,

    I started googling for "1890s actress cigar." Nothing worthwhile. I kept going back and eventually with "1870s actress cigar" I found someone who looked like her. I found the name was "Lotta Crabtree" and I was able to be pretty sure it was here.

    Subsequently, I found this great history of her by a descendant and way at the bottom it has today's photo.

    Very interesting woman.

  4. "Subsequently, I found this great history of her"

    Amazingly rich (from that link you provide):

    "She left the bulk of her estate [in 1924], estimated at $4,000,000 to war veterans, aging actors and animals, the poor, women's movement groups, and a subsidy program for farmers. Lotta was one of the first famous personalities to become an animal rights activist and it is said she often went through the streets putting hat on horses."

    And a nice residence:

    "She made one final public appearance in 1915 for "Lotta Crabtree Day" in San Francisco at the Panama-Pacific Exposition, where the city turned out to remember their beloved Lotta. She then purchased the Brewster Hotel in Boston, where she lived until her death in 1924 at the age of 77."

    A postcard of the hotel:

  5. I loved the old pictures of the cobbler shops. I remember being in a cobbler shop in Miamisburg Ohio with my mother on a number of occasions when I was a child. ( I am now 58 ). It smelled so good !


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