Friday, November 12, 2010

Keeping Warm in the Weimar Republic

In is amazing the creativity and resiliency of people. In the picture above the lady is using her German Money to burn in the fireplace to keep warm. The money was worth less than the equivalent weight of firewood, so she would just burn the money to keep warm.

I enjoyed all the comments yesterday on things people had noticed about "Stealth Inflation" here. Stealth Inflation is when they reduce the contents or quality of an item, rather than raise its price. Especially interesting was the Evil Nate Maas's observation about soap bars. I had actually always wondered if he even used soap. So now we know. Notice however, suspiciously absent from him post was any mention of the recent changes in the size of deodorant cans.


  1. Ouch! Looking forward to Nate's response.

  2. Hmmmmm. After reading the commentaries yesterday, I noticed that "Weimar Week" heavily outweighs "Puppy Week". Knowing that I voted for Puppy Week yesterday before having to reboot my browser (and losing all my cookies), and Mathan's Mate voted for Puppy Week this morning, I was surprised discovering that my vote this morning was vote #2.

    Has paranoia risen to the point where votes contrary to the desired result are scrubbed each morning?


  3. Mathan, I wonder if it's due to the subliminal misspelling of "weak" next to the puppy dog option. Who wants to vote for weakness?

    I wonder if the value of puppies held up any better in the Weimar Republic?

  4. Well, to followup up on the earlier thread... Tonight I went to the store for the usual 3lb can of coffee.

    Only today, it is 33.9oz (67% as big as it was. And it's emblazoned with 'New and Improved.'

    They clearly improved their profit margin because it is now selling for 77% of the old, unimproved, price.

  5. The profit margin on the downsized coffee may be the same or less than in the "good ole days". Taxes, tariffs, and whatever you can think of each take big bites out of the money you pay the cashier. Odds are the manufacturer isn't making that missing 33%. The government is.


  6. OK, The Die Nemesis PJM against the Evil Nate Maas
    I love it, the war is on again.
    You two guys way to funny.
    I will be enjoying the next couple of weeks immensely.


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