Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dogs at Tea Party

Today's picture was taken in 1906, and shows a Tea Party which includes a number of dogs. I remember that when my daughter was small, she would include dogs in the tea party; however, the dogs were dressed by the girls in elaborate costumes . . . hats, dresses, the whole nine yards.


  1. How about that dog under the table?? Looks as if he would rather be at a "bone party".

  2. Another beautiful picture from a wonderful era. Judging from the ornate collars on the dogs, they must have been pampered pets; and these kids must have been privileged.

    Also, notice the busy wallpaper pattern and the equally ornate rug. I wonder what the color combinations were. This type of decorating was common at the turn of the last century - busy floral patterns on the rugs, busier wallpaper, and then MORE patterns on the upholstery.

    I can remember going with my mother to visit my great-aunt and uncle, who lived my great-grandparents’ original home on Federal Hill in Providence (c. 1890), and it still had the old floral wallpaper and carpets. It looked like an explosion in a confetti factory.

    Last month we visited the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, and it has been restored to the original decor - and it was the same style - clashing patterns and colors everywhere.

  3. lovely.
    my sister used to make our doberman play monopoly with her.

  4. No beast is safe during a tea party...cats, dogs, bunnies must be costumed.

  5. Love this!! I'm planning a little tea party for my Chiweenie Duke's, first birthday. And his older siblings will be there...fun times!


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