Friday, November 26, 2010

Cigar Store

Today's picture is from 1911, and shows a cigar store in Buffalo, New York. How many of you remember the old pre-electronic cash registers. I can remember growing up they had that type, and when they would ring you up, little tabs would pop up behind the glass window showing you how much you owned. I love the look of this store, and it is not that different from what drugstores and other shops used to look like. I will say that Cigar Stores have changed less than most other stores. You can still go into nice cigar stores where you can get detailed and personal attention and help from the proprietor, the walls are wood paneled, and there are usually some nice button tufted leather chairs. I sorely miss the personal service afforded at the old school mom and pop stores. I am reminded of this as today is Black Friday, one of the absolutely most ridiculous things we ever came up with. I really wish we would get back to quieter, more rational days.

Domestic Update:

OK, in case you missed my post yesterday, I am going to post a close up picture of my Bean Barn stir fry.

Everything was grown in the Bean Barn. Those sweet peas were one of the most delicioius things I ever tasted. They were crisp, sweet, and full of flavor. I will definitely keep growing them. The squash was very nice as well. 


  1. Even with a food hangover, I like the looks of the dish you show here. It will be a while before I eat any turkey or dressing as I discovered you can eat too much of nearly anything.

    Hope everyones Thanksgiving was one surrounded by family, good friends and good food.

  2. Wow! Teacher. Blogger. Gentleman Farmer. And now Food Photographer. That looks so good I can almost taste it.

    I'm avoiding Black Friday today and sitting down with my youngest as we start a quilt for her together.

  3. In the cigar store picture (after clicking on it to see better), I like looking at the ceiling beams, the light fixtures, and the hardware that the fixtures are hanging from. The beans look wonderfully healthy. Good job.

  4. Oh yes - those cool old pre-electronic cash registers!

    That stir fry looks delicious and from what you've written it must've tasted even better than it looks.

  5. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Wish we had some of those veggies!!


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