Friday, October 1, 2010

Typing Class

This is a picture from the early 1900's which shows a classroom at the Washington DC school for secretaries. I wonder what all skills were taught at the school. I could imagine typing, shorthand/dictation, and filing. I am curious if there were other office duties taught back then.


  1. I'm guessing those skills were about the extent of it. Typewriters were probably the only office machines they had to contend with at that time, although some offices may have had telephones by then. It's pretty hard to imagine working in an office with no fax machines, copiers,computers and no intercom system.

  2. You sure they didn't just let a bunch of monkeys loose in there to see if they'd write Hamlet?

  3. The machine in the left foreground looks more like an adding machine than a typewriter. I'm sure back then they taught some rudimentary accounting skills in a secretarial course also. And perhaps coffee making. :)

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