Friday, October 22, 2010

Traveling Soup Wagon

Today's picture is from Berlin, Germany. It shows a travelling soup kitchen. You can see people lining up for soup. In this picture you can see some women and children.


  1. I noticed in the photo yesterday that the men all had scruffy and dirty looking shoes. None of them had been polished.
    But in today's photo, most of them have fairly decent looking shoes.

    A difference between American's and German's

    When was this photo taken?

  2. A thought on the appearance of those in the photo...
    In yesterday's picture the men are all lined up to get food. In today's picture the crowd seems too random. Also, the driver has his eyes forward. My guess is the wagon is still en route to the needy and hungry. This would explain the tidy polished condition of the pedestrians.

    I too would like to know the year of this photo. I can't help but wonder how many of those kids would wind up in feldgrau and jackboots.

  3. the difference in the pix could be, prosperity, versus depression,


  4. What year? What year?

    Old Bear, this isn't "prosperity vs depression". This is most probably the impact of WW 1 in Germany, and the clothing of the people point to this time period.

    The photo earlier this week showed soup preparation in 1915 in a municipal soup kitchen in Belgium. Also part of the impact of WW 1.

    I've spent a chunk of the past year looking into the time period from 1918ish to 1946ish in Belgium, as this was the time from my mother's birth to her departure from there to the USA as a War Bride. These 2 soup pictures fill out some of the stories my mother told of those times over there.

  5. That's a pretty standard horse-drawn German Army field kitchen - used in WWI.

  6. Yes, I agree it looks like a military field kitchen but the Germans used pretty much the same thing in WW2. Time wise I was wondering about what year the picture was taken. The driver seems to be wearing a WW1 visor hat (maybe in official capacity or as a veteran).


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